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Welcome again to a different Q&A! Today we’re overlaying my precise ideas of Seraphine, whether or not riot ought to launch new champion or do reworks of outdated ones and extra! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Q&A.

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  1. Power fantasies? Hmm I would say necromancer… maybe someone who can steal the soul of dead enemies and make them fight for him. If that was in league it would be insanely cool to play and since it's so unique they wouldn't have to make a deal of reworking them for a while…. OH WAIT. Honestly I wish we had old morde but maybe a bit more focused on the necro aspect

  2. Ok I kinda get it. They are trying to do an Anime "AI or AR" Teen Idol thing with the music, the platform and the social media stuff (The end game would have been a Real world concert by the AI with original songs or something at Worlds inauguration etc etc). Guess they could have been a little bit more original with the Skills to keep it interesting for the non-Anime Fans .

  3. Prestige skins are nowhere near $80… All you need to do is buy whatever pass is out at the time for $13, and then just grind 2200 tokens. Then you convert those tokens into 100 prestige points for the skin.

  4. This one is long, so I hope you give it a try and tell me what you think about my champ idea, enjoy reading.
    I also want a mage with elemental stuff, But i want him to have different elements on his abilities and be able to combine them. For example he could have a Fire wall on E that burns enemys and his Q could be a wind ball that pushes enemys away, but if he hits the fire wall with his Q the Q becames a fireball that does dmg and burns. his W could be a waterfall from the sky, dealing dmg, slowing and making enemys wet, if it hits the fire wall it vaporizes it and this could deal armor and magic pen to all enemys that enter the zone. His Q hitting the water could make the enemys wet and slow them, a wet enemy entering the fire wall would vaporize and a burnt enemy entering the waterfall vaporizes. If the normal Q hits a burnt or wet enemy they lose the debuff (wet or burnt). His ult would be kinda like morgana but a bit different. When he casts his ult all enemys arround him will be hunted by roots (like naut ult, but for all enemys arround him at the moment he casts the spell) While the roots hunt the enemy he isn´t able to move, if he does move the roots stop and a little plant stays there for a few seconds. every root that reaches an enemy stuns the enemy for a time and gives him the debuff "plant" for some seconds while stunned and after. If he moves all stunned enemys stay stunned for the duration of the CC. If the hits an enemy with "plant" with his fire wall it deals bonus max dmg over time, if he hits a "plant" enemy the enemy is stunned for 1 sec or so, if the enemy is stunned already increase the stun duration by 1 sec. Fireball and Waterball Q would also amply the effect. If he hits a plant that didn´t reach an enemy with his water, the plant grows and slows enemy around or rootes them (Like a trundle W you can´t pass it). If he hits a plant with fire it becomes a burning source that dmg every enemy passing it.
    That´s how I imagine an elemental mage and I want the character to be on the girly side like lux and Ahri to get more skins and a starguardian skin :3 I love control mages and I feel like we haven´t gotten a cool one in a long time.
    Thx for reading all this and tell me what you guys think.

  5. they do 2 mid per year because they will do an assasine and a mage every year and mage player don´t want to play assasines and the other way arround

  6. Huzz I've been following you for 5 years now, Ive seen every one of your League gameplay vids and almost every other. By this point, I'm here for the community that you foster by being you and a content creator. Thats why your twitch community is here for you too. Just make content for us, be the chill and professional guy you are, and you will have viewership.

  7. I really like that champ designs you proposed it would be really cool to have a champ you can play in all roles but "only" in a specific element they could do that if they decide a year to only release reworks and have that be the one new champ.

    I would really love to see a shaco rework where they keep his boxes and they do everything they do now but when a enemy activates it shaco can choose to teleport to the box destroying it when he appears that would encourage shaco players to scatter boxes around the map like hag from DbD.

  8. There was a story with master yi where he was getting trained by Doran and Yo went into a vision where the ancient inhabitants of Ionia were using the elements to fight the Titans. Maybe they can do a titan champ and an elemental mage. The mage can swap elements but only at 6/11/16.

  9. Qotd i would like to see a darker female champion from the same island of pyke something like a Witcher of wild concept

  10. Element Bender Champion
    Passive: Hitting enemy champions with basic abilities imbues them with an elemental mark, attunes them to that element, and expunges all previous elemental marks and attunings on that enemy dealing extra damage.
    Q: Fire Darts
    Charges – 2
    Fires a skill shot that doesn't go through enemies, dealing damage and attuning the enemy to fire. Long range but thin line (think Jhin W)
    If the enemy was attuned to water a large portion of their body's fluids are evaporated, dealing extra damage (max hp scaling)
    If the enemy was attuned to earth magma forms around their feet and is left behind, leaving a slowing, burning area for a few secons. (Think Nocturne Q + Shyvana's dragon form W)
    W: Water Blade
    Slashes in a wide area, dealing damage to all enemies and attuning them to water. Short range, but wide aoe.
    If at least one enemy was attuned to Fire creates an aoe explosion as the water blade is superheated and explodes. (Deals about half the damage of the initial W, but is essentially a 2nd cast)
    If at least one enemy was attuned to Earth each enemy hit is rooted for a bit.
    E: Spikefield Leap
    Earth energy courses through the bender, giving it a shield as it dashes a fixed distance. First enemy champion hit takes full damage, others take half, minions only take half. Left behind is a field of spikes, dealing a 3rd of the initial spell's damage the first time an enemy walks through it, but persists a few seconds slowing all enemies. Walking through the field does NOT grant a mark/attunement.
    If the bender hits an enemy attuned to fire with the initial dash the bender gains a larger shield, extra armor and MR, and burns enemies nearby it for a few seconds.
    If the bender hits an enemy attuned to water with the initial dash the bender may dash a second time in a row. This second dash does not grant a shield nor marks/attunements.
    R: Elemental Mastery
    For the last basic ability cast this spell has a different effect.
    Q – Flamethrower
    Deals damage over time in a large line to all enemies and applies an elemental mark (but not attunement) per tick. (think Vel R)
    W – Flowing Shields
    Grants a large shield to the caster and a smaller one to each ally in range. If the shield lasts for at least 2 seconds what's left is doubled and the shield gains another 2 seconds of up time and the character is healed for 15% of their missing HP.
    E – Crushing Walls
    Targets an area, after a short delay large rock walls erupt upwards, knocking up enemies near the edges of the area, crash though dealing damage, then creates impassable terrain for a few seconds.

    Combotastic, flashy, has lots of uses. Nukes, range, aoe, cc, engage, dashes, self peel, shielding, healing, terrain control. Feels like a mage version of Aphelios. I couldn't think of any thing for the R-W other than healing…so yay another Karma R-W lol
    Is it broken? Most likely. Does it sound amazing? Hell yeah.

  11. Knowing Riot they'd the Elemental Mage so that you can have every mode in every game, just you unlock them as you unlock and level your ult and the last cast ult dictates your current element.

  12. With Seraphine released there will be five champs this season. Then where is the support champ?

  13. Reason why Kaisa gets a second prestige skin, is because when hers was released. The prestige skins werent defined and was supposed to just be a one off thing. And later when more prestige skins came out the one for kaisa was lacking in quality and thats why she gets a new one now.

  14. The bending champion would be sweet! They could also have it change elements when you get a point in ult

  15. I think league is missing a true debuff witch/warlock. There are elements of it in various kits, like lulu polymorph and malz e, but not in the same kit. Honestly, it'd probably never happen. The chwmp would likely feel very toxic to play against

  16. thats some cartoon gay champ… why dont we get new champs like ledros who already is in runetera..

  17. Platform is weird (maybe make it her homeguards animation only?) but i dont think shes actually like sona in terms of gameplay. She seems like a neeko style support than a sona. They do look similar though

    edit: On the note of other games Im not someone who often watches varied content from creators (unless its Northenlion) however I think it is cool for youtubers to try new things! I may not be the audience for it but Id much rather the creators be happy and creating content they love! I often end up trying those new style videos a while after they are out once im acclimatized to the idea 😀

  18. The floating platform is the biggest problem with Seraphine. Either way Riot will keep her the way she is probably and not give a F about what people think. Take the floating platform away.

  19. I don't get the seraphine hate. Yone is basically Yasuo 2.0 and they literally buy the exact same items, but no one is talking about them.

  20. Your ACTUAL thoughts? Why call them actual Huzz? Were there previous thoughts of yours on Seraphine that weren't actual? Stop using filler words. You're too smart to use "like", "literally" and "actually".

  21. I think 6 new champs per year is too many. They previously slowed down to improve the quality of individual champs. Now they're undoing that and it's noticable. Seraphine and Lillia were unimpressive at best, Samira is a mess. If they'd focused on only two champs instead of four I think that whoever they would've released would've been much more thought out.

  22. Power fantasies i want to see.

    Fire magic support. Summons walls of flames to block enemy movement or heal people with fire.

    Water AP Mage, like Hebo or Poseidon from Smite. Water is so much better offensively.

    Insect based ADC. Shoots out like slugs or larvae as ammo and youre just controlling a hive.

    An edgy/rude enchanter support that insults you after they heal you. A cutesy assassin that thinks its playtime or something when killing people.

    Finally an old lady champion. maybe an AP bruiser like some powerful witch or just a retired pirate AD fighter.

  23. "Earlier this year, we said we were going to hold another poll where you’d get to vote for League’s next VGU. We ran into some problems getting the poll up and running on the new website, and we had to get started on the next VGU before we were able to fix them. The champion we chose wasn’t on the previous voting poll, but I think it’s one that many players will be excited about when we announce it (which we hope to do in the next Roadmap). We’re still planning on doing another VGU poll, which will happen next year and be for the following champion update."
    Idk, it seems they aren't stopping doing VGUs.

  24. What i like about the reworks is that they actually fulfil the fantasy of the champion that got reworked.
    Poppy actually feels like a hammer knight. Sion does feel like an undead juggernaut(though hes a tank)
    Warwick's hunting W and basically being able to kill any low health targets from chasing and Swain feels so much cleaner of a general demon.

    Heres hoping we get our hobo to actually feel like a Freljordian Beast Shaman with powerful shapeshifts.

  25. I did say "why didn't you just rework katarina instead of making samira" (ad arab ranged kat, she's even from noxus as well 😑), so to me seraphine confirmed it: because money

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