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Patch 9.18 is right here and it brings a bunch of Champion adjustments simply earlier than Worlds! Akali & Aatrox obtain much more nerfs, Kai’Sa and Xayah see some nerfs additionally! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Note Breakdown!

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  1. so akali comes out… woaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh shes OP
    true stealth removed
    heal removed
    damage reduced
    ult nerfed
    shroud nerfed
    shroud nerfed again
    yet again shroud nerfed
    ult destroyed stun
    …..boiss future nerfs.
    e second cast removed
    r2 execution removed
    akali throws only 1 kunai Q
    shroud 1 sec as its too windy in the rift
    akali lost her kama so no passive
    she cannot wall jump
    even so riot will still shit their pants UwU
    riot: <3 kaisa is so cuteeeeee

  2. I think you misunderstood the Evelynn change, it says that for "empowered damage" not a normal base.

    And total damage on Evelynn ult can be really misleading since it's only that high on execute targets. 2000 damage when they only have 500 health as a squishy is still just 500 damage done, just looks more flashy.

  3. theyll never overly nerf kai'sa. kai'sa is an exciting champion and they want exciting for worlds and for media. kai'sa flying around looks cool compared to ashe standing still. i feel champions like this are good but then you need to make the other champions exciting without overly buffing everything.

  4. Kai'sa is the poster child of what an ad carry is for riot it seems. She's received so much love through "balancing" and even skins. Just look at how many skins she has within a little over a year of her release. It's crazy.

    Also, those Annie buffs/nerfs. O O F

  5. Eve has a hitbox bug on her R. Her R should only hit targets in front of her (thats what the ability tooltipi says), but in reality targets betwin 50-100 units behind Eve get hit by her R too.

  6. As far as buffing Zoe for a skin, I don't really think so. We also saw the Xayah with pretty hefty nerfs, and nothing toward the other champs getting skins. I don't like a lot about Zoe, but I feel like the Auto bonus was not pulling weight compared to the other parts of her kit. They need to nerf the other parts of her, like the move speed on the W, to balance it out though.

  7. I'm not fine with the nerf to akali. Why? Because it's so much nerf and we know that in the next patch will be buffed, the problem of akali is not his CD or his damages, it's her mobility, her R should be targeted in minions and champs, max wards, and the champ probably will be more fun for everybody. Why the ultimate needs to be targeted? Because that limits his mobility like other champs like yasuo or Lee sin, they have a such impressive mobility but they are not unkillable. That will fix the problem probably. I don't know what do you think but we'll that it's my opinion.
    I'm sorry if my redaction it's not very good, I'm from Argentina and I like ao much your videos, Un saludo, byeee

  8. I watch a couple different breakdowns to get a more complete perspective, so thanks for uploading this Huzz. It's always interesting seeing what people think what changes are big/small.

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