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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Trailer Score – E3 2015


Kojima as soon as once more takes the sector at E3 and reveals all opposing sides how recreation advertising is completed. Some of us are extra conversant in the Phantom Pain than others, so Ben Moore joins the panel to render judgment.


  1. usually when it comes to reviews or discussions about games i`ll checkout whom ever has an opinion. I think Phantom pain will be a slightly different story. There is too much baggage that comes with the game. After watching Ben`s reactions to things compared to the others i don`t think i`ll bother with people who don`t really know the series. Well, at least at first. I rather a much more focused video where context is taken into account. There are things other reviewers just wont get. Not their fault. just the way it is. I get that but i rather not watch them fumble with those things. I want to hear from die hard fans.

    Here is an example of what im getting at. FFVII remake. Some people dont get why people are excited which is fine. Kyle Bosman made a video perfectly explaining why hes hyped. You can easily see why he was up and down on the subject for so long. It`s the context to his e3 reaction. Newcomer may not get it but those of you who have wanted the same thing for just as long did.

  2. Spot on, this trailer is for the fans. The people who love Metal Gear. Its for us. Not making any new friends here. A gift from Kojima for his last game in the series. It's a farewell trailer. So exciting.

  3. Ben is the only one who gets it. The arguments from the other two members are sooo poor, you could hardly call it an analysis. They should get more competent people for this.

  4. Ben Moore is totally right, agree with everything he said. Especially about the spoilers thing. The things we're seeing are new and shocking but they lack any context so we don't know what's happening. Nothing is being spoilt.

  5. Obviously this is a 10/10 minimum…. 

    I mean you can't possibly give the FF7 Remake trailer a higher score than MGSV's trailer. This is just on a whole other level…

  6. Great video, but cringing every 5 seconds whenever I here that guy in the the middle talk…like damn he is soo misguided and non-informed about the series. Ben was like the saving grace of this video. Cheers

  7. Avoiding trailers like a plague for this one. Promise to come back and watch this episode after I've beaten the game. Pinky promise!!! This is going to be my game of the generation… just like MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, and Peace Walker all were.

  8. We've heard Kaz call Big Boss a monster in Peace Walker I believe but we never learn why. I think this game is going to touch upon that topic.

    Also you guys are right some of these lines are from audio logs from Ground Zeroes at least one though.

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