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Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop – Reveal Trailer


Kate Bishop joins the increasing roster in Marvel’s Avengers.

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  1. Before the game released: WE WANT HAWKEYE
    After Launch: Reveals Kate Bishop AND Hawkeye
    Everyone: WTF

    Cant please everyone nowadays. Especially plastic fans who only know Avengers from the MCU and still has the guts to complain about things they dont know.

  2. So I'm confused. Is she both the girl looking from the dark and the woman sending Hawkeye through the teleporter?

    Becausw the way it's cut. Her hair changes and it looks like shes all of a sudden the women down there where Hawkeye was before he teleported. .
    I. Confuses

  3. why do some of the characters lack any kind of creativity, mrs marvel and this kate bishop look like random created characters.

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