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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide – How to Perform Synergy Attacks and Infinity Rift Locations


Synergy Attacks will certainly aid in battle while the Infinity Rifts are vital to opening brand-new difficulties.

As you play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and degree up your lineup, Synergy Traits will certainly begin to arise. When opening abilities for a personality, you’ll discover that they have Synergy Traits, of which there are 15 in overall. Pairing certain heroes and their characteristics with each other will certainly cause Synergy Attacks, which can be relatively damaging.

How to Perform Synergy Attacks

  • Synergy Attacks include 2 personalities carrying out a mix strike. Hold down R and pick the suitable strike to begin a Synergy Attack. Conversely, if an ally is carrying out one, simply press A to perform one. What are all the various combinations that can be performed though? Let’s have a look listed below.
  • Elemental Barrage (Barrage/Area Assault + Whirlwind/Burn): Enemies will certainly be abused by a hurricane of slashes.
  • Scatter Shot (Rapid-Fire + Rapid-Fire): A speedy strike with taking off projectiles.
  • Surge (Launch + Launch): Create a big shockwave that will certainly send out opponents air-borne.
  • Coalesce (Burn + Whirlwind): Creates an intense twister.
  • Catalyst (Bash + Burn): Knocks back opponents additionally away.
  • Crash (Barrage + Area Assault): Area-of-effect shockwaves that will certainly create damages to opponents.
  • Shockwave (Bash + Bash): Execute a shockwave with better variety.
  • Tremor (Slam + Slam): Trips up all bordering opponents while those at the strike’s facility take damages.
  • Calamity (Whirlwind + Bash): Explosive twister which harms opponents in the bordering location.
  • Reflect (Beam + Safeguard/Area Assault): A Beam that breaks up and harms any type of opponents in its course.
  • Ricochet (Rapid-Fire + Safeguard/Area Assault/Whirlwind): Rapid-fire strike with projectiles that will certainly expand around.
  • Resonant Blast (Beam + Beam): Fire a huge light beam which likewise harms bordering opponents near its target place.
  • Eruption (Beam + Explosive): The Beam strike will certainly have extra eruptive power to it.
  • Mega Blast (Slam + Explosive): Assault an adversary with a surge consisted of various other surges.

Infinity Rifts

Playing Story Mode will certainly open Infinity Trials, which are optional difficulties embeded in the existing degrees. However, head out of your method throughout the tale objectives and you’ll discover 8 Infinity Rift Trials concealed in them. It’s worth keeping in mind that every single time Nick Fury points out abnormalities in a degree, it’s a mean a neighboring Infinity Rift so maintain a look-out.

Here are the locations for every one of the concealed Infinity Rifts.


After getting to the royal residence, you’ll head down some stairways in the direction of the following purpose. Eventually, you’ll get to a large area and see a course that winds along it. On the left side are some opponents however head to the right for the following Rift, which calls for fighting Nebula, Kingpin, and Ronan at degree 34.

Dark Dimension

Once Elsa Bloodstone breaks the ice onward, you’ll take a trip with a couple of breaks. After the 2nd, there will certainly be a rift protected by opponents. However, prior to tackling it, you’ll see a minor dip to the left which has the following Infinity Rift. It’s a degree 25 Rift and calls for beating 40 opponents in The Raft. As the Trial proceeds, every person will certainly deal even more damages so don’t bother with withdrawing for every single currently and after that to collect your toughness.


Defeat the opponents at the start and head in the direction of your purpose. You’ll see a walk on the right – head onto it and look left for the following Rift. It calls for combating Kree Justice and various other opponents at degree 36.


En path to the fight with Ebony Maw, you’ll go into a hyperlift. Upon leaving it, reverse at the checkpoint. The following Rift will certainly get on the best side and it includes a degree 40 fight with Sandman and some lackeys. Just see to it not to go by Cosmo and up the ramp otherwise the one in charge battle will certainly begin.

The Raft

In Chapter 2, when Sandman has actually been beat and you struck the checkpoint, search for a number of boxes on the right and after that jump over the barrier. Keep decreasing this brand-new course and you’ll discover the Rift. It has you battling Nebula (degree 7) with your EP regrowth boosted however damages decreased.


After the conference Jessica Jones, you’ll see a bridge that heads to the location’s holy place. Don’t go across the bridge right now. Instead, head to the right and the following Rift need to exist. Doctor Octopus (degree 10) is the primary difficulty right here. All of your attacks deal decreased damages however Synergy Attacks deal extra. EP will certainly likewise regrow quicker.

Avengers Tower

Following the conference with Vision (after the 2nd checkpoint), transform left at the fork to discover the following Rift. You have to loss 200 opponents on a Kree Ship to full it. This Trial has a degree 14 need.

Xavier Institute

Head to the yard and combat both Sentinels prior to advancing. Once the location opens up, go left rather than right. Head with the obstacles for the following Rift – a Survival Trial where you have to fight Elektra (degree 21). While your wellness will certainly maintain draining pipes, striking her will certainly recover you. Teammates can’t be revitalized though so play very carefully.

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