Man of Medan – 15 Features You Need To Know


Supermassive Games’ 2015 title, the narrative-driven choice-based Until Dawn, was an outbreak hit, however in the years ever since, the workshop’s primarily been working with some not-so-stellar Virtual Reality titles. With their upcoming Man of Medan, the very first instalment in their scary compilation collection The Dark Pictures, they’re returning to providing the type of experience we’ve all been seeking from them- and also they’re doing it as a multiplatform workshop, with the aid of Bandai Namco.

Man of Medan is practically right here currently, launching at the end of this month, so as we approach its launch, in this attribute, we’ll be discussing the fifteen most significant chatting factors from the video game. Without additional trouble, allow’s start.


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Man of Medan’s tale focuses on a team of good friends vacationing out in the South Pacific Ocean, doing vacation-y points, like taking studies the sea. What could fail, appropriate? Except one of their dives leads them to a sunken vessel, which, as it ends up, is a cursed ghost ship. Now, caught in this ship with a tornado developing outside, and also with unimaginable wickedness having actually been woken up in their visibility, they have to untangle the secrets of their unsafe environments, and also locate a means to make it out active.


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Supermassive Games based Until Dawn on the misconception of the Wendigo, a man-eating ghoul from mythology. Similarly, Man of Medan is additionally based upon a real-life misconception- that of the SS Ourang Medan, a genuine ship that, as tale goes, was totally trashed, with all of its staff passing away under mystical conditions. Conspiracy concepts bordering the ship have actually typically stated that the calamity that struck it and also its staffs were the job of an undetected and also unidentified entity- so it needs to interest see what spin Man of Medan places on the entire point.


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Just like Until Dawn, Man of Medan is a video game that will count greatly on option and also repercussion auto mechanics, from discussion choices to selections that can totally transform the method the tale turns out. Also much like Until Dawn– depending upon your selections, by the time you’re made with a playthrough, every one of your personalities can be dead (or active, however when is that ever before enjoyable).


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This needs to provide you a great suggestion of the number of branching courses the video game needs to sustain its option and also repercussion auto mechanics. Though Man of Medan has a smaller sized actors of major personalities than Until Dawn with 5 overall personalities, the designers have actually stated that in total amount, there are 69 feasible fatalities for all of them. According to Supermassive, to witness every one of these fatalities, you’d need to play via the video game 8 or 9 times.


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Of program, a scary video game is just comparable to the terrifies it offers- which’s not constantly a simple point to do. Until Dawn had some rather frightening minutes, however exactly how is Man of Medan mosting likely to end up. Supermassive have actually stated that each of the video game in their Dark Pictures compilation is mosting likely to abide by a certain subgenre of scary, and also while we don’t know yet which subgenre Man of Medan will certainly drop in, the designers are rather positive of, in their very own words, terrifying gamers out of their skins.

“We’re constantly seeking to go additionally,” Game Director Tom Heaton informed us in a meeting back at E3. ” So there’s points we find out in exactly how to do scares. Sometimes it’s about slow-building stress. The thriller— that’s kind of important. We obtain the gamer in a really increased state; they’re really distressed. They don’t know where the scares are mosting likely to originate from, which’s when we can do a scare. We’ve obtained methods for doing that. We’re constantly attempting to terrify the gamer out of their skin.”


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There will certainly be manner ins which you’ll have the ability to prepare on your own of what’s following- partly, at the very least. Throughout the video game, you’ll locate these “dark images”, that if you grab and also take a look at them, you’ll get feelings of points that could take place in the future, providing you some info to deal with moving forward. These, nevertheless, are points you’ll need to check out and also look for, so constantly watch for also the least edge.


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The size of a video game – any kind of video game – is something we’re all really interested in. So the length of time is Man of Medan mosting likely to be? A solitary playthrough, according to the designers, will certainly last around 4 to 5 hrs, however Supermassive state they’ve made the video game extremely replayable. In truth, owing to all the option and also repercussion auto mechanics we’ve currently talked of, numerous playthroughs are really urged. That, and also various other settings and also features – which we’ll reach in a little bit – will certainly be seeking to make Man of Medan a quite weighty experience.


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Man of Medan will certainly additionally include something called a Curator’s Cut, which seems like a truly fascinating attribute. What it does is, on succeeding playthroughs after you’ve ended up the video game when, you’ll have the ability to see scenes from the point of view of various other personalities, and also choose from their point of view. The tale, after that, will certainly untangle in a different way, brand-new info and also keys will certainly emerge, and also the result of the tale will, of program, modification also. To all those that pre-order Man of Medan, Curator’s Cut will certainly be complimentary on the day of launch itself. For every person else, it will certainly be opened later on in 2019- additionally free of cost.


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Like any kind of story and also choice-driven experience title, the core gameplay of Man of Medan will certainly focus on double-quick time occasions. Supermassive, however, are developing their craft, and also making some refined yet fascinating modifications right here. QTEs in Man of Medan will certainly be extra contextual, and also modification based upon the circumstance. For circumstances, in high-stakes and also high-tension scenes, you can anticipate QTEs to be faster than they remained in Until Dawn.


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Here’s something brand-new and also interested- Man of Medan isn’t mosting likely to be a totally solitary gamer experience. It will certainly additionally have a really fascinating co-op experience. There’s Shared Story Mode, which will certainly see 2 gamers linking online for co-op play, with each taking control of a various personality, and also with their choices influencing each various other and also exactly how the tale plays out. Then there’s the Movie Night Mode, for upto 5 gamers, played in your area, with each gamer passing the controller around as even more personalities are presented in the tale, and also all gamers influencing the result of the tale.


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As we’ve currently reviewed, The Dark Pictures is a compilation collection, because each of its instalments will certainly be different, separated tales. That stated, there will certainly be an usual string stumbling upon all of them. And that will certainly be the personality of the Curator Pip Torrens. Other than the Curator, there will certainly additionally be keys in the video games that will certainly reference a few other in the collection- narratively however, each video game will certainly be its very own different point.


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Until Dawn is one of minority video games to day to have actually made use of Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine, however with Supermassive no more working with a PlayStation unique, that won’t be feasible with their future video games. Man of Medan is rather improved the Unreal Engine- however from whatever that we’ve seen of the video game until now, the visuals look equally as excellent as you’d anticipate from a Supermassive title.

NO Virtual Reality

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Supermassive Games have invested a whole lot of time in current years working with digital fact titles for the PSVR- so is Man of Medan additionally mosting likely to sustain Virtual Reality on PS4 and also COMPUTER? Well, no. Supermassive Games have actually validated that Man of Medan – and also all various other video games in this compilation – won’t sustain Virtual Reality, and also will certainly be standard motion picture experiences.


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If you’re using COMPUTER, you’ll need a quite outstanding gear to run Man of Medan on suggested setups. An Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (or an AMD Radeon RX 580) graphics card and also an Intel Core i5- 8400 (or an AMD Ryzen 5 1600) are suggested. For minimum needs, you can use an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (or an AMD Radeon HD 7870) graphics card and also an Intel Core i5-3470 (or an AMD FX-8350) cpu. Here’s the large one though- it’ll need 80 GB of vacuum in your system’s storage space.


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Like most (otherwise all) significant and also semi-major launches on the PS4 and also the Xbox One nowadays, Man of Medan will certainly include improvements for the extra effective versions of both gaming consoles. On both the PS4 Pro and also the Xbox One X, Man of Medan will certainly go for a 4K resolution and also assistance HDR.

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