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LUCIAN FEELS SO FLUID! HE'S SO MUCH FUN! – League & Chill | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in Lucian and man he feels superior to play! I feel he has improbable design and he feels so fluid to play! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lucian Bot Lane Gameplay.

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LUCIAN FEELS SO FLUID! HE’S SO MUCH FUN! – League & Chill | League of Legends


  1. Pretty sure the reason your channel doesn't attract underage watchers is because you aren't bombastic. You don't shout and scream, and you aren't a professional player, so the kids couldn't really care less about you.

    I dunno, just a guess.

  2. Your end of season fiesta climb comment got me thinking. I've played WoW and non league games most of this season, finished low gold for the past few seasons and am 1 game away from promotion into gold. I am getting 28, 29 lp for a win, how high could I climb before it goes back to 18ish points per win? (Silver 1 85ish points and on winstreak atm).

  3. Wait. One of my other main buddies plays lee as his off-role champ. So does toaster… weird…

    Also you mentioned that you were playing more agro this season and got to master… I've heard that the koreans also play very agro too… soooooo more aggression more higher rating?

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