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LOSING CONCENTRATION WITH LUCIAN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome again to Iron to Master, this episode I’m taking part in Lucian and I’ve a extremely arduous time protecting focus, however that is okay! We’re all human and also you simply gotta recognise it and react on it. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lucian ADC Gameplay.

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LOSING CONCENTRATION WITH LUCIAN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. isnt it pretty well known that thresh hook hit box goes to the left of the animation (the direction of the blade on the hook) so thats why the first one hit and the second one didnt (around 8:30)

  2. You go aery if you go full support Senna with focus on heals and shield (which she did this game). Glacial augment if you go adc Senna, whether support or main version

  3. I believe adc and junglers are the most ragers
    But there is a hell portal called sona mains
    Its not about being a support player but… playing sona
    These folks are wild

  4. 14:40 This is the kind of content creators I like to watch, just like Huzzy =)
    People, who are able to say "yup, Im distracted, I should be doing better than this…", so few people are actually able to reflect mid-game, and say "I could be doing better" and it's really something I'm trying to practice myself. It helps with tilt, and it helps you improve. Especially since it helps a lot not getting frustrated at teammates!

  5. Been in Kuwait the whole season so far, but going home soon and can finally start my climb, onenof the things I want to work on is unlockingnmy camera cuz I play with it locked currently, so I going to force unlocked camera on myself but are there times where you should lock it like in team fights or something? Just wanna know before hand when I should and shouldn't have it locked generally?

  6. about the jungler – its hard to play jungle right now, with all the updates its hard to keep up with it, the Dragons the Camps the new champs too many changes in short period of time,
    and by the time i do know how to play it they change it to be more…. (you get it). and with people that do keep up with it, its literaly impossible for me to do anything, i just feed/fall behind all the time

  7. It's still the beginning of the video so I havent cheated. I'm prophesying that Huzzy finally gets a decent Senna, the signs are there, its Lucian Senna bot lane vs Thresh, I feel like the stars have aligned for Huzz to have a hood Senna finally.

  8. The argument for supports being ragey loses a lot of luster when Karma mid both exists and is raging currently. Besides that, supports are almost always the receiver of toxicity. If any supports are ragey, it's probably usually just them reflecting that outwards. Supports are at fault if 1) the adc dies, 2) the adc misses farm, 3) enemy team gets baron or dragon, 4) enemy bot laners get tower plates or tower, 4) if a gank from jungle fails spectacularly, 5) the adc doesn't get massively fed 6) if your jungler gets invaded…somehow.

    Here's a list of things supports are NEVER at fault for, apparently: 1) The adc surviving, 2) the adc farming, 3) any objective control whatsoever, 4) making ganks work and 5) the adc getting fed.

    That's just what support is. Most supports and myself just immediately turn chat off and selectively remove pings the moment the adc and jungler start spamming question marks.

    In my plentiful but not quite on par experience, adcs always rage and sometimes quit when they can't farm, junglers repeatedly rage, swear off ganking certain lanes or quit when ganks fail or if the lane they're ganking gets the kill instead of them. I almost never see supports raging, because 90% have accepted that of the two most important early roles (jungler being the other), they chose the one that is thankless and gets you reported in two cases: you doing too well, or the adc not doing too well.

  9. Why even play jungle? Exp sucks, you are level 5 when others are at least 7 and you get blamed for everything… You are supposed to farm your jungle, counter-jungle the opponent AND win the lane for the laners. If you don't do all of these things you will be flamed to oblivion.

  10. I find adc players are usually the saltiest. At least when im in solo q as an adc, im genuinely frustrated trying to communiate with my teammate most of the time. Theres just so many inconsistent support players who play aggro on janna or soraka but will passive on leona. I feel like as an adc im always frontlining for my team and people generally care more about making their kda look good. Rather than helping their adc like supports did back in the day lol.

  11. I'm really excited for talon jungle. I already love his roaming style from mid. I think it'll be a lot of fun with his E, when enemy loses track of him in jungle

  12. As a support player, I’d say the main reason we get frustrated is that we get blamed for almost everything, and there isn’t anything we can say to defend ourselves.
    We die? It’s our fault for defending the adc so he can farm, even if we die for it. The number of times I got flamed for faceblocking hooks for the adc, when it was certain one of us were gonna die, is astounding.
    Adc dies? Our fault for not helping them, even if we can’t do anything to fix their mistakes.
    Don’t have full coverage of their jungle? Our fault that we don’t wanna walk into a fed assassin.
    If all else fails and we end up being the fed person? It’s because we stole kill the wouldn’t have gotten, and then we can’t even use that gold all that well.
    So ya… chat turned off and feel helpless to the whims of the team.

  13. I think Support mains are really ragey for the same reason ADC mains are usually ego maniacs/ragey. You are stuck in lane trying to get shit done with someone who is not on the same wavelength as you. Just like it's annoying for an ADC whose support is just afk in lane, an ADC that's just afk farming while the Support is trying to do things is incredibly frustrating for a good support. At least, that's what I think.

  14. The supports who rage are probably mad bc Of the Adc being mad at them. For too many season supports always got the blunt of all of the toxicity and it become unfair so Supports mains have in turn being toxic to everyone else. Supports cant save an out of position adc but As soon as that adc dies it the supports fault for not being there with an out of position adc. It gets annoying after a long time of being the blunt of the rude behavior of the community

  15. speaking of junlgers, it really sucks when people just treat you as shit becouce they dont know how to play the game. fx a yasuo mid dies alot to the jungler near there tower and you gank another lane becource there is a play. but now its your fault he is 0 and 10 and there jungler is a monster and he sure as hell let you know it in all chat.

  16. I dont necessarily think that the reason why jungle has become less popular this season has much to do with the pressure on them. Its that the role has no real impact beyond the first two clears really. And it is heavily reliant on laners not dying in solo situations because since jungle has no impact at all after a certain point, and they just become a second support after like 10-15 minutes. It is super frustrating cause you have no agency beyond that point and you hope that you have better players on your team. Whereas in previous seasons, it had much more options.

  17. Good vid Huzzy thanks for the great content. Also, please play Qiyana mid I wanna see how fed you can get with her.

    Also, Huzzy don't worry about posting losses when you play weel because its good to know we are all in the same ranked boat.

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