The mice ultralights are the “next big thing” in the world of PC peripherals


Now the same Glorious Model, Or is, perhaps, the best mouse on the market for players. This mouse is ultra-light, which weighs just 67 grams, it is part of a new batch of designs type panel to let in more light, flexible cables that minimize the rubbing. The result is a unique sensation that allows you to point with precision using a configuration of few DPI, but keeping the possibility of very rapid motion to battle enemies coming from your back. These mice, in addition, they possess a distinct appearance, easy to identify relative to the more traditional models.

Given its potential benefits, it is not surprising that these mice ultralights have called the attention over these past few months of professional esports, the streamers and of the enthusiastic users. But, who has led the adoption of this type of mice? Why they have become popular now? What is, and what the future holds in this regard? We have spoken with some key figures to find out.

Let’s start at the beginning. Why are we talking about mice ultralight? One answer lies in the popularity of professional players on Twitch and YouTube, which are early adopters and promoters of PC technology, as we saw a few years ago when they began to gain traction keyboards are mechanical in 2010. The star of Twitch and YouTube Ninja began to promote the Finalmouse Air58 at the end of last year, putting its own name to the mouse and causing it to become the peripheral of fashion among many of his followers.

fm_1_7dcba5a6_c8b6_465c_9c1b_2367a82e1975_2048x2048The Finalmouse Air58 Ninja was the first mouse ultralight in calling the attention of the public at large, thanks to its collaboration with the popular streamer Ninja.

The mice ultralights have also been seen in the hands of professionals in the esports such as Counter-Strike or Overwatch. Vini, Rage Gaming, recently used a Model Or when their team was in second place in the seventh season of the ECS CSGO. We talked with Lee, a consultant who works for the company in china peripherals G-Wolves, and told us that she is in agreement that this trend can be attributed mainly to the growing success of esports.

“I think that [the mice ultralights] are inseparable from the overall development of esports in the last few years… the FPS are one of the most important categories in the esports, with new games like Overwatch, PUBG or Fortnite. These action games have quick movements and a subtle control with the mouse. In recent years companies have a relatively small have begun to discover that problem and now the big brands finally have realized the many factors that make the mice ultralights are popular.”

P1r4nh44444This housing printed in 3D for the Logitech G305 designed by /u/P1r4nh44444 reduces the weight of the mouse 99g to 52g.

In addition to the influencers and professionals in esports, there is also a small but vocal community of enthusiasts, with users that share their own modifications, weight reduction and housing printed in 3D on the subreddit /r/mousereview. Were these fans, in fact, that inspired the CEO of Glorious, Shazim Mohammad, at the time of creating the Model O. The manager explains that Glorious “picked up an idea of a niche and made available to all the world. We saw that no one innovaba in the industry of mice, and that those that did make it were going in the wrong direction.”

Now that the models are ultra-light are available in stores, these users have begun to recommend designs ultralight in subreddits more general like r/buildapc, which, in turn, influence the buying guides that many use to decide on their next acquisitions.

In the fashion of the ultra-light there is also a technical angle. Summarizing a lot, they are becoming popular now because many of the usual problems of mice to play have already been solved, but the perfect weight remains a question to be resolved. Many mice, for example, were assembled with laser sensors for cheap that exhibited problems in tracking when used at high speeds, but have now been replaced by optical sensors of high DPI cheap and accurate. The most experimental have also been left aside, and the majority of mice offers a comfortable design and sure that it accommodates the size of virtually any hand. Now that the basics as it works the weight is the following obvious point of differentiation, where research into new materials and designs can result in an experience notably better.

The skilled manufacturer in mice Patrick Schmalzried is in agreement with this, stating that “the players [now] realize that the features that increase weight are bad, and that a low weight is really advantages at the level of performance, because you can move a mouse ultra-light much more quickly. We believe that a low weight is the most important feature for a mouse designed to play.”


The Glorious Model Or that we mentioned earlier has the typical design of the mice ultralight modern, with a paneled structure easily recognizable instead of a solid housing. The holes in the top and bottom reduce the weight considerably, but the endoskeleton ABS and cuts exagonales make you notice well built. Shazim says that “we planned a lot of the structure and the design to get a solid shape with holes”. An item is, the less visible but equally important is the cable of the mouse. Instead of a braided design, the Model, Or use a material is incredibly flexible and lightweight, similar to the Paracord, which gives the mouse the feeling of being almost wireless. A modern optical sensor able to perform tracking at high speeds and some rubbers, PTFE, low friction complete the set.

May sound stupid, but reduce the weight and improve these components can make a big difference in accuracy when you play. To test the Model, Or 67 grams, and other mice as light as the Logitech G Pro Wireless 80 grams we noticed a small but significant improvement in the accuracy after adapting to its use for a few days. This is especially noticeable in the quick movements such as ‘flick’, where comes in your muscle memory and your speed of reaction to aim and shoot fast to a target that appears in your field of vision. These mice also have a different look, which makes you stand apart from the current race for the accessories RGB – in spite of that it can accumulate dust or scare away the users who suffer from tripofobia.

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Despite the fact that the Glorious Model Or and the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja have grabbed most of the headlines, the market will soon be flooded by other options. The Swedish manufacturer Xtrfy, belonging to the esports team Ninjas in Pyjamas, published a video that looked to its engineers by drilling holes in their current products in order to follow this new fashion. Soon after they released another video announcing a new mouse design with honeycomb dubbed Project 4. Cooler Master also showcased its concept of mouse ultralight at CES, which will hit the stores this summer with the name MM710 and a weight of 52 grams.

Smaller companies, such as china G-Wolves, is also trying to enter the market, with a mouse for cheap that uses the forms popularized by other companies, including the Hati and Skoll, both smaller than the current mice ultra-light players. The team also works on a wireless mouse ultra-lightweight, which will use the sensor PixArt 3335 low power consumption.

The German company Zaunkoenig is building prototypes of its lightweight mouse M1K using carbon fiber and plastic panels printed in 3D, reducing the weight to a mere 23 grams. However, its design ignores the scroll wheel button and side buttons, making it not so appealing to the majority of players. It is not clear at what point a mouse can be too light, nor what sacrifices are you willing to do to many users, but perhaps what we discover with this exotic design.

zaunkoenigHere, there is no honeycomb, but the carbon fiber also complies with its mission.

Finalmouse and Glorious also plan to launch new models of ultra light, benefitting from the advantage of having been the first to launch in this niche market. And if the mice ultralights are still being sold well and attract more attention from the public at large, not descartéis that brands like Logitech, Roccat or Corsair come into play.

The mice ultralights have their advantages, but… what are to the whole world? Personally I think not: only you will notice the true advantages of this type of peripheral with competitive games and very fast, in a fraction of a second counts. For titles more deliberate, or to a more general use of the computer, the current mouse with a high DPI may prove to be more optimal. The popularity of the Logitech G502 shows that many people are happy with a mouse heavier if it is comfortable and has the features you need. However, with titles such as Quake, Counter-Strike or Fortnite, it is worthwhile to take a look at the mice ultralights.

Translation by Josep Maria Sempere.

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