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With Fortnite lobbies now filled with bots and the controversy surrounding skill based matchmaking I have a few thoughts about it!

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  1. Ninja y like your videos and can you add me in fortnite my name is Don corrleone ☺☺

  2. Once I saw the meme that u said “ THE Fu*$ YOU SAID TO ME YOU LITTLE SH*& !!!” When you said that o a little kid it was kinda mean, man. Like, you were my favorite YouTuber and a all, but you had to curse in front of a KID!!! A KID!!! And you were mocking the kid, and the kid was just defending himself. That was just wrong, man!!!

  3. Fortnite is ruining their game by adding bots. I’m glad someone as big as ninja can come out and say something about it. They need to be gone for good in c2 s3. I hate it when I’m in the middle of a build battle and bots just shoot out of no where and break down builds, it’s so annoying…

  4. I literally played this game yesterday and deleted it right after. The game has no fking hype or vibes anymore

  5. how to get your parents to buy u pc i have never had only when we had no wifi witch is 2014 and they are refusing

  6. Ninja just mad it can't be season 1 where he kills everyone. He should be grateful there's lots. He needs to be grateful. What a mow head.

  7. Add FainterCellar9 on Fortnite Please!!!! I promise to do anything for you!

  8. Ninja where is ur best duo reverse 2k u don’t even play with him. Lol

  9. plz check me out, i’ve been doing youtube for a while now and i just released a k and m progression vid that i worked really hard on, i just switched from controller to k and m. I’m getting really good.

  10. So ninja can complain about controller players having aim bot but he is hitting half his shots in this vid 😂😂 this dude is pathetic 😘

  11. Bot lobbies are part of what makes the game fun for non-competitive players which is the majority of people who play fortnite

  12. No sé si soy el único español pero , es un crack lo único que no entiendo es porque el la anterior temporada llegó a nivel 400 y en esta no a regado a nivel 200

  13. Stop with the censoring. Holy shit it's so annoying. All kids have heard of swearing

  14. Hey ninja my son wanted to play fortnite with you his name is GHOST-DRAGON2122 in fortnite but yeah get victories bro

  15. Hey Ninja,
    If you think you are the best fortnite player then qualify in fncs invitational in reboot round

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