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LEVEL 1 MONSTER, OLAF! MASTER OF SNOWBALL! – Rush to Diamond | League of Legends


Today we’re playing Olaf leading as he’s a respectable device in SoloQ. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Olaf Top Gameplay.

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LEVEL 1 MONSTER, OLAF! MASTER OF SNOWBALL! – Rush to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. "Let's get ready to rumble" is not copyright; it's trademarked. Simple phrases are not creative enough to qualify for copyright protection, which allows you to restrict nearly all use and distribution, unless it falls under fair use, which varies dramatically by jurisdiction. But simple phrases can be trademarked, which allows you to restrict commercial use, if it infringes on the "mark of your trade". The difference is I can say "Let's get ready to rumble" in this comment, but you probably can't say it in your video, because only one of us is making money.

  2. Huzzy, lethality is better against low armor champions, not high armor champions. You reduce their effective health by a greater percentage the lower their armor is. For example, against 100 armor enemy, if you penetrate 10 of their armor via lethality, their effective health is reduced by 5%. If they have 40 armor and you have the same 10 penetration from lethality, you reduce their effective health by 7.1%.

  3. Huzzy:
    >Buys Sanguine Blade
    also Huzzy:
    >Doesnt split push

    All those years of being traumatized by teammates inting when you split push has made you not split push even when you commit to a split push item.

  4. No joke, crit Kayle was the highest winrate build on her until her mini-rework recently, but you didn't build it like that. You went Death Dance into Static Shiv and IE. Why did you build this? Because Kayle's hybrid scalings were too shifted towards AD and that build gave you a lot of survivability. Also ironically it had more burst than AP kayle.

  5. Crit kayle is a thing but from what I understand you dont rush crit it's usually for late game builds. Her passive aoe waves can crit. Usually when I see kayles build crit its essence reaver first, or the standard items with IE and one attack speed crit item.

  6. 0:43 why do so many one tricks have such wierd builds?????? i had a one trick kindred in my last game who stat wise is crazy good on kindred, but they were taking heal and ghost. and btw, they were jungle.

  7. If you see a Cassiopia in any game next week, you must play Olaf in whatever roll you're in, and force someone to play Yi. Please! The story of "Master Yi and Olaf" must not become the next "Firefly".

  8. 0:01 saw the xayah, and immediately went into a frenzy looking at her team to see if you were on it…….sadly you werent…… hoping youll go easy on her.

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