Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Guide – How To Get Pokeflute And NPC Gift Locations


Finding some neat Pokemon and items in Pokemon Let’s Go.

In the world of Pokemon Let’s Go, there’s a lot of NPCs who will give you something or the other meaningful and useful—sometimes you may have to give them something, other times, it’s just a matter of getting something from them. In this guide, we look at all of these NPCs:

  • NPC in Cerulean City gifts you a Lvl 12 Bulbasaur (you need to have caught 30 Pokemon)
  • NPC north of Nugget Bridge gives you a Lvl 14 Charmander (you need to have caught 50 Pokemon)
  • Officer Jenny in Vermillion City gives you a Lvl 16 Squirtle (you need to have caught 60 Pokemon)
  • NPC in Silph Co. Building gives you Lapras
  • NPC outside Silph Co.’s building will give you Porygon (you need to have beaten Team Rocket first)
  • A Lvl 30 Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee can be obtained from the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City once you beat the Dojo Master


The Pokeflute is necessary to awaken the sleeping Snorlax who block both possible routes to Fuschia City (one is west of Celadon City, next to Pokemon Road, while the other is east of Vermillion City and south of Lavender Town). Without waking them up, you can’t proceed to Fuschia City.

Thankfully, the Pokeflute is an item you get as a part of the story. Once you complete the Lavender Town Pokemon Tower quest (which involves you first clearing the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City and obtaining the Silph Scope to be able to unmask the ghosts in Pokemon Tower), Mr. Fuji will give you the Pokeflute.