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We’re back on the PBE to test another Yone build! This time we’re running PTA with an early lethality start! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Yone PBE Mid Gameplay.

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  1. Is it just me or is there something going on with you and Vicksy? like i mean in a romantic way, i guess?😅

    Well i was just curious so no hard feelings Huzz.🤔😂

  2. Funny enough, you could go Pen boots for the 50% magic damage some of his abilities have.

  3. The E is such a cool part of the character. It's so much like Zed ult, except you can use it in trades to get in and out. More like Leblanc, actually.

  4. i kind off get the frustration since it kinda feels like they are beating more money out of he yasuo moneybank to me, still think he is kind off cool just really hate yasuo xD

  5. his voice actor is the same as yasuo?
    Does he double his crit chance? cause you only had one crit item and had 90% crit.

  6. Heya Huzzy dear. Do you know the interaction with basing and Yone E? Base in E buy from shop fast, E back to your body.

  7. Hey huzz do you know about the bugs that yone have,when he presses ctrl 5 he can ignore any cc abylity and if he presses ctrl 3 he reverts his abilityies by 180 degrees.Watch Vandiril if u wanna know more.

  8. I wondered about that last time as well: Why do you not have voice chat when playing with subs??

  9. Would Fleetfootwork be a rune to use vs poke mages just to sustain in lane? Maybe with overheal or something. Just thinking of wacky runes to try out that might be useful.

  10. Huzz, being fed means nothing when everyone is max lvl full build
    Just lethality sucks late, specially with pta

  11. 40:11 okay, lethality doesnt seem that great on him later into the game. cause with crit and lethality your just way to squishy. obviously lethality is a lot better sooner into the early game then crit, but it doesnt scale that well on him.

  12. Just curious, what are your thoughts on cass vs yone? does she block his ult with her poison spit?

  13. so far ive had the most success with electrocute and building stattiks, infinity edge into full lethality. Yone works really well as an assassin

  14. I think it would also be nice to see the dmg split on champions between physical and magical dmg, I think you tried to do that last rime, but only showed the split for total dmg not dmg vs champions, which leans more towards physical since some abilities dont work on minions and you use a lot more autos vs minions/monsters as vs champs

  15. 35:00 we r getting a marksman,then a mage and then the tank support
    EDIT: 37:00 Aatrox aswell takes over a human body,darkins are the weapons,and the only way to take form once again is to takeover a body. Also Darkins are not demons,they are fallen God Warriors. Basically before they got imprisoned within their weapons Aatrox,Rhaast abd Varus looked like Azir,Nasus,Renekton, all of them are the same thing

  16. Isn't lethality kind of weird, since yone also deals a lot of magic damage and the e deals true dmg?

  17. That urgot is a beast :p ngl bit biased when it's me playing lol , was a fun game but that kindred DMG was insane and starting too see a lot of her so is she back meta?

  18. Huzz : a riven mid? I hate when people do these weird pi-

    Neeko : SIKE

  19. Huzz: There is just a little projectile on Q3, but not much.
    Yone*DASHING*: I am the Projectile!

  20. One thing I found out is that Yone's q does not count as one pta stack. I don't know if Yasuo's q does.

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