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LET ME CARRY YOU WITH KARTHUS JUNGLE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Karthus Jungle, we get fairly positive however will my crew enable themselves to get carried? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Karthus Jungle Gameplay. MOVED THE CLIMB TO MASTER FIESTA EPISODE TO TOMORROW!

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LET ME CARRY YOU WITH KARTHUS JUNGLE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Do you think ranked has got so bad (fiddle as this episodes example) as people don't want to play Normals as the MMR is way out for that and in ranked they get a 'fair' game?

  2. Huzz I really love your content, have been watching you whole videos since a few months ago-
    I just wanted to comment (other than the usual things to help the algorithm)
    Don't you get a little bit distracted when you're looking at the map when playing karthus? It happened to you on last ep when looking at other thing than the aphelios that was killing your Naut and now it happened when the Zed one shot you-
    What do you think?

  3. I feel like I've found out why low rating is so bad recently. People just don't wanna change play style, they always seem to have to be "play as aggro as possible and either win or feed". Could be just high silver low gold I'm seeing this in, but this is the problem I encounter in almost every game: flaming people who change their playstyle, or people who don't know HOW to change play style

  4. Huzzy, thanks for all the great advise and tips. I use to get quite tilted playing, being an all typer, feeder and such. Not my proudest gaming time, but watching you for the longest, I’ve simmered down quite a bit that I CAN proudly say I don’t tilt anymore, and at most I’ll get irritated, but no more feeding or junk. Thanks to all your tips my rank has improved massively as well. Keep up the good work, always watching.

  5. I will never understand why someone will play a champion in ranked that they dont know how to play. Just practice them in norms, then get into ranked with them. So simple, but for some reason people never do it.

  6. just played a game where morde top rage quit at level 7 cos he was being beaten by trynd which is his main, held out for about 40 mins and won the 4v5 even tho people kept trying to surrender lol was my second game playing viktor too which i picked up after watching you, i managed to carry it lol

  7. The reason you're seeing negative winrates is because riot somehow found a way to give people the most dog teammates on earth and somehow manages to give everyone negative… I know this doesn't make any logical sense but… Idk

    Edit: also "I'm gonna go morello's"
    Buys liandry's

    Dw I do the same thing but it's fun watching other people do it

    Edit 2: also I'd swear you were playing with my iron teammates this game lol

  8. The negative winrate might just have to do with the MMR. If you have a negative winrate that means you lose a lot of games so your MMR will go down. So obviously the Platinum players you as a silver 4 account will get matched with are probably the ones with a worse MMR than average platinum and therefore negative winrates might seem very frequent to you.

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