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LET ME CARRY YOU ON CAITLYN! – Iron to Diamond | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Caitlyn and what ought to be a straightforward win become a troublesome state of affairs primarily due to 1 participant. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Caitlyn ADC Gameplay.

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LET ME CARRY YOU ON CAITLYN! – Iron to Diamond | League of Legends


  1. Triple zeal and zerks is so greedy XD … actually i think its just bad, some life steal or even tabi in place of zerks against this team if you’re intent on going 3 AS items

  2. Hey Huzzy, what do you think about the NFL playing in London once a week? It would be cool to hear from an Englishman's perspective on what they think about our American professional football stuff.

  3. Congrats Huzzy on losing weight!!
    I really know how happy you feel!! I too lost 13 kgs in the past 2 months and went from XL to M and it feels so great! Keep up with the climbing.

  4. Riot is currently working on a new fighting game. Multiple programming and UX/UI Design positions opened recently under the title of “unpublished fighting game”. The positions can be found on Riot’s linked-in job page.

    The event you’re attending might be related?

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