Legacy of the First Blade Trailer Reveals New Stealth Ability


New enemies, an uncertain ally and past sins all converge in the first episode.

Legacy of the First Blade will kick off tomorrow for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, bringing the first paid expansion to Season Pass owners. Unlike past DLC, this one will be divided into episodes with the first being “Hunted”. In a new gameplay preview, we get a look at how the story begins and what new challenges you’ll face.

It starts with Darius, the first known wielder of the Hidden Blade and the man who assassinated King Xerxes. After engaging the player in a tough fight, Darius will enlist their help especially as new masked enemies move in on the Eagle Bearer. Players will learn more about the Assassins’ past while also investigating their new foes, using new abilities like Death Veil. This stealth ability will disintegrate any bodies killed via stealth, thus eliminating any evidence.

New story and side quests (including one that makes you confront the sins committed in the past) abound with new characters and allies. The next episode for Legacy of the First Blade arrives in 2019, roughly six weeks after the launch of Hunted. Stay tuned for more information on Episode 1 though especially when it launches for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.