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LEE SIN GOT BUFFED, IS HE BACK? | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re watching one of the most effective EUW Lee Sins! He received buffed just lately so I wished to see if he’ll be price enjoying once more! I used to principal him years in the past! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lee Sin Jungle Gameplay.

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LEE SIN GOT BUFFED, IS HE BACK? | League of Legends

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  1. I'd love to see a high rating spectates on a Riven. I know it's not a champion you personally rate but it would still be interesting to see how they are successful despite not being very meta.

  2. thats why i claim the old runes/masteries are better. i used to take +15 ad runes vs kass as brand mid. made my early so strong back in the days.

  3. Not gonna lie, kinda don't understand why the enemy team went ff. Pretty sure they could have still pulled back up and won if they let Kass and Cait scale for another 10min or so.

  4. zoe started with dorans blade that's interesting. with corrupting she can harrass the kass with autos even more. i would never see that in my gold 1 games lol

  5. Im sorry but I am sick of spectator videos. I dont watch them. Just came by to tell you. See ya in the next one…. I hope

  6. uuuu huzzy's lee might come back? ps thank you huzzy for your videos,really helps me during the free time at work ^ night shift here

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