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LEARN HOW TO CARRY WITH SHEN! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


Welcome again to Climb to Master! We’re on the Main account and we return on Shen and we’ve an ideal carry efficiency! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay

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LEARN HOW TO CARRY WITH SHEN! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. I think with yone they could just remove the clense aspect, zoe ecko kinda things where if they get ccd then they dont get to go back to safety, that and movespeed yone is stupidly fast

  2. Can u do pls jinx game ? I really main it and I want to get better at it . Thanks huzzy for the huzzy syndrome xD

  3. i miss zzrot… and banner of command… They gave the supports some power against the minions a way to be useful when your team wouldn't or couldn't work together to end the game quickly.
    It was replaced with dragon buffs, however, this has made it end, but more random and lessened the impact of an individual, and increasing the impact of trolls and soft "int-ers".

  4. I don't know if you can answer in the comments, but how can I avoid falling really behind in cs on Shen? I've had some decent games where my ults are really good, and others where I'll ult in and my team doesn't accomplish anything and I'm further behind. Thanks!

  5. official Wukong guy here (thanks for the poster btw, just amazing :D)
    once again here to judge every wu in existance, this one was really confused with his build.
    first he bought skirmishers which is ok in some matchups (including this one) but i didnt really notice him 1v1'ing the graves so it essentially wasn't needed.
    Then he bought triforce in jungle which is only good if he got fed (which he did) but then why do you need skirmishers, if you want to win the 1v1 and still get the ms burst go bork for faster clear, higher burst and better dueling. If you go tri then at least have blue smite for the ms.
    Also that thornmail was just random and ruined his potential of carrying. i get theyre full ad but deaths dance and guardian angel exist

  6. Have you thought of taking ignite on Shen? Thats what Petu does, but hes also challenger and I know theres a difference between challenger and diamond. And from diamond to silver where I'm at. Just interested in your thoughts.

    Do you think it's more matchup dependent?.

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