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League of Legends – Diamond Vladimir Top – Full Game Commentary


Hey all, new video this time enjoying Vlad high. Currently my greatest preforming champion in ranked being 5/Zero with a excessive common CS and total a superb KDA. This recreation enjoying vs a Renekton high who I usually simply farm in opposition to, the lane is pressured by jungle slightly bit this recreation however to not a lot. I get into a superb place merchandise smart when crew fights happen and handle to assist my crew safe a victory.

Runes: Quint – AP, Red- Magic pen, Yellow- Health per lvl, Blue- Ap per degree
Masteries: 15/15/0
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  1. I like the guide, but the trades with renekton seemed weird.  Why not pool under his q?  it's like his primary dmg and heal, and you could easily dodge it, coming out of the pool with your q and e off cd

  2. I dont agree in one point:if you say its very easy to get last hits with vlad. its not easy,because if you want to succesfull with him top you have to use your q on the other guy und try to not push the wave with your e,because it would be to easy for the jungler to nail you.if you get behind as vlad its hard to come back.so you have to learn how to aa last hit the creeps and his autos are a little strange

  3. This woulda be more useful if Riot didn't change a ton of items and Vladimir himself! xD But it's still good to see how positively you're playing. If I had a Renecton in the lane and I wasn't doing any damage to him, I would have lost it. I never had a thought about the whole mentality of the game before. I even thought that approaching the game more negatively works better for me, because it stops me from jumping in hopeless fights with a huge confidence. xD I'm pretty new. I have a lot to learn.

  4. As a vlad main i need explain my thought;

    Mastery just go 9/0/21 believe me just play safe, farm and beast lategame.

    As you should run 9/0/21 on vlad cuz that is op <_< NEVER buy lucidity boot( Masteries give you 10%, Spirit Visage 20%, WotA 10%(SotSW got nerfed in S4)) going sorc shoes just beast you up and if their having good tank mind up getting Liandry (30 MP then chunk half AD carry hp)

    This is really personal but i like GP10 Quint & Yellow MR/AP blue MP red otherwise HP,AP,MR,Armor,MP,MS,Spell Vamp and GP/10 fit vlad really well

    This is S4 related but i like buying early Revolver then finishing WotA very later on

    That it you play my champion really well you have a really good tanky/Dmg carry build thumb up

  5. As the jungler item doesnt grant spellvamp anymore, is it worth to get Wota on vlad now? Or would u suggest not buying any spellvamp at all… And what do you think of Liandrys?

  6. As previously mentioned SotSW was nerfed earlier this year and butcher's passive no longer applies to minions, only jungle monsters. Thankfully the two champions in the game who benefit most from spellvamp (Vlad and Morde) also rely on farming jungle camps to be effective, though I do think the game is lacking a dedicated spellvamp item for laners who output sustained AP damage. At any rate, thanks for upload. Cute accent.

  7. Hey Huzz, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the butcher passive (spirit stone/SotSW) affected neutral camps in the jungle, but not minions in lane. Wouln't it be better to delay that portion of the SotSW, because you're spending a bunch of money on the mana and passives, neither of which benefit you in lane,

  8. nasus must have smited baron over the wall.. which led to baron attacking the closest target – renek
    or renek might have sliced over the wall and accidentally hit baron lol

  9. I dont understand how you dont have more views? Like I enjoy Ankle and sykkuno as much as the next guy but I dont think they have anything anything on you Huzz! Keep it up buddy.

  10. I think it's about even between Malz and Vlad. Call the Void is an AoE silence that can end literally shut whole teams down if they group up, and Null Zone puts out massive damage and can chunk down Tanks very quickly, especially if they get stunned, supressed or snared on it. Additionally Malz can burst down targets very quickly with Nether grasp, and if you buy Rylai's his Malefic visions becomes CC in addition to doing massive amounts of damage.

  11. Cool build, I like to stack Liandry's and Rylai's for extra health and AP, along with Spririt of the Spectral Wraith, Mercury's Treads, Zhonya's and Rabadon's. It's has a little less MR and Armour than your build, but way more HP.

    I have also seen builds where people just get Hextech revolver and don't bother upgrading it. Not sure if that's really cost effective, but I might try it out.

  12. valdimir reminds me of david bowie in the movie labyrinth, long hair, fancy clothes, always playing with his ball… i think riot should make a david bowie skin for vlad

  13. There is a saying that comes with Malz – Win lane, loose game. His kit is there to win lane but when it comes to team fights, he is very poor. His whole combo can be stopped with a silence or CC and he has very low mobility and combined with low range this isn't great. His damage is average but he just doesn't compare to other Mid laners right now ie. Ahri, Liss, Karthus all can do very well in lane but offer more than Malz does late game.

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