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League of Legends – Diamond Renekton – Full game commentary


Hey guys, This time enjoying Renekton vs Udyr high lane. At the beginning of the game I even have an influence reduce and have a 2 stage drawback, however that is to point out you it is not at all times over and you’ll win your lane from this!

Said additionally within the video however thought I’d sort it right here too. I’ve discovered myself overrun with associates on League (close to 300 mark) So I’ve cleared out most my associates checklist – If you want to get my assist the most effective place will likely be Twitch chat when im streaming or the “Huzzygames” chat room within the LoL shopper (EUW)

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  1. you shouldent buy long swords if you have 1k gold… get a giants belt…. so much better or start hydra but i would either start a fire cape cant remember what its called or a tiamat and then get a fire cape…

  2. Hello everyone! Very cool video, Thanks! There is this pretty good FREE document at BRENDT AMAZING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS MASTERY website (search on google)? Hurry before the FREE manual is taken down!

  3. Hey man, dont know if yu just saw my question at the aatrox top vid but i know the ansewr now, other question though do you play with subs?
    🙂 regards

  4. It may be a Vlad game I played yesterday but not quite sure as all I did was farm the whole game and join in team fights in the end… Will play SoloQ today and stream it to try and get some interesting games!

  5. That Udyr was either the worst tiger Udyr I've seen yet, or he let you farm so the lane would be fair and didn't expect you to be able to kill him.
    He already gave you a few "love taps" with his tiger stance and he saw that it takes like 50%+ of your hp for each attack and he just let you push and does nothing about it LOL
    are you sure this is diamond?

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