Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide – Tangled Kingdom of Corona


Welcome to Chapter 4 of Kingdom Hearts III. This chapter will focus on the fourth world of Kingdom Hearts III: Kingdom of Corona. You may remember it from the movie Tangled. If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts III Chapter 3 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

One of the biggest worlds in Kingdom Hearts III, the Kingdom of Corona focuses on the story of Rapunzel, the girl with the infinitely long hair.

As soon as Sora and the gang teleports into this world, they run into Flynn Rider (the handsome guy, you know). He is being chased by some Heartless.

Kick their arse and a small cutscene will play. You will now gain the ability to roam the forest of the Kingdom.

As soon as you can control Sora and the gang, head to the tree to the right and keep heading in the south direction after you see a treasure box. After a series of cutscenes, you will see Sora and the gang in front of the hidden Tower.

Head towards the tower and start climbing the stairs. A cutscene will trigger at the base of the Tower. Basically, Sora and the gang finally find Rapunzel and she is in the party now.

As soon as you regain control of your gang, head straight up the hill.

Defeat and conquer any towers you see in your path. Afterwards, head into the water on the east side of the final area. Have some fun here. I mean, that is all this game is about, right?

Protecc the Bunnies

Head west afterwards and save the rabbits from being bullied. The fight should be pretty easy. After saving the bunnies, head far north. You will eventually reach some water. Cross the water towards a little path that will take you to a bigger clearing.

Continue on this path. Follow the river when you see a save point. Eventually, the river will break up into two directions. Take the path to the right and you will reach a treasure box. In it should be this world’s Map.

You will definitely need the Map if you want to move forward. After getting the map, keep heading west. Follow the path. It should be dark-ish but the map should prove vital here.

Follow the path and you will enter a small cave. Here should be a climb-able rock. Climb up the rock and you will eventually reach the Cliffs.