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Today we’re watching a top 10 Challenger player on Kindred, for a while I’ve actually thought she is quite strong… borderline overpowered. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Kindred Jungle Gameplay.

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  1. So nice to see Kindred on your channel! I'm a low elo Kindred main and its really nice to play such a niche pick. I never have to worry about getting banned

  2. Hey Huzz, can you spectate the best Malz? He everyone knows him as that champ that just sits back and presses E on the wave. Id be interested to see if the best Malz does that

  3. I love Kindred but I’ve not been doing good in my draft games of SR with her, even though I am almost M7 with her and I love her kit

  4. thanks for doing a highlight of this champion 🙂 though its still weird why people dont play kindred more compare to other champions who are played less, but maybe thats for the best other wise she would be nerfed haha but if she were more popular maybe she would get more skins 😀
    wonder if you have or will do jinx in the future .

  5. Kindred is why I started lol. Awesome to see some love for her. She is very unique but very rewarding to pull off!

  6. Kindred is my favourite champ, even tho I have only 4 rank mastery on them

  7. As a kindred main myself it’s not super important getting all the marks, u will need the 4 first marks before the teamfights start or u will struggle a bit. The 75 range is really huge. If u see that I can’t get help by ur lanes, don’t flame them just leave the marks and try to get some safe marks to get to 4. Gl on playing her.

  8. Kindred builds more for the big damage than lots of damage. That's why they built more ad than attack speed. Though, as you said attack speed is also very nice on her too. I'm pretty sure Kindred players often build IE 2nd or 3rd item and basically go berserker's Warrior and then 100% crit chance just because, as you said, Kindred is an ADC and why wouldn't you want to deal at least double your ad per auto attack (from the crit, I'm ignoring IE bonus)

  9. Nice Video I start also with League of Legends content

    and today i upload my second Video.

  10. kindred, reksai, elise, zac are all the great junglers, that if you plan to main the role these 4 champions can offer you great utility if mastered.

  11. No matter how you are named, dude´s gon read it and interpret it. Jhon? Tax evader. Celine? A Karen. Juan? Some guy from Mexico or Madrid.

  12. i played kindred for a while and my main problem was playing with people who didnt understand the mark component of her kit. But for some reason the enemy team would know what to do, soon as my mark pops up on the mini map the enemy team gravitates towards it(Probably my lack of experience speaking). Because they see it as a little mini game(as a thing they must get to first), it was almost the same issue with skarners shrines which im glad they changed. But i do get it not everyone plays this champ so not everyone is going to understand you play with is going to understand. kindred is a very strong champ nevertheless once you to 12 marks its almost impossible to loose game, although i have (over confidence kills lol).

  13. Interesting thing about Kindred for me, I can carry the early game, one time I got 5/0/0 even though all my lanes were losing. But after that I couldn't carry because I'm not an ADC main, so my kiting and positioning were garbo. I've given up on the champ since then, jungle is already hard enough for me besides all the marks (and mechanically I don't click with the Kindred ult).

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