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Today we’re enjoying Karthus Jungle and I consider it’s Overpowered. I do not like to make use of that phrase however the combo of Karthus and Dark Harvest will all the time be sturdy even with the nerfs. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Karthus Jungle Gameplay.

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  1. SPeaking about Zoe's toxicity to the game, don't you think that in a way or another, every "I oneshot you within 0.5 seconds" champion does not feel fun to play against ? It may be because I'm rarely playing tank, but facing a Rengar, Talon, Kat, Leblanc, Veigar, Zoe, it's kinda all the same, i'm just disappearing from the game whenever the champ wants me to.

  2. Literally saw the title had “overpowered” in it and was like “Huzzy never says that. Karthus must be legit overpowered.”

    Which is another reason you’re my favorite lol streamer.

  3. Yesterday we played our first 3v3 ranked with my friend and we got placed in Iron 4 even though I'm Gold II in SoloQ and we won the first game 😀 I know the rest of placements it will grow fast and other queues doesn't influence it, but still…pretty disappointing 😀

  4. @HuzzyGames I have a formal challenge for you during the new season. I challenge you to get an account from Iron 5 to gold 1 as fast as you can.
    For some reason I got placed in the iron bracket (without playing ranked at all?) And the game quality feels extremely low and is driving me crazy with how ridiculous some games can be.
    Btw love your content Huzzy

  5. I mean it's a lot of things making Karthus strong right now. He instantly went from having no keystone that really synergized with his playstyle to having a powerful one that does. He no longer has to take attack speed he doesn't want in his runes for going precision secondary and can take more AP now. Laning phase is going on longer so Karthus has more time to farm up and get strong before he starts getting involved in teamfights. Finally the meta just suits him. Look at toplane, the most picked champs atm are Riven, Jax, Irelia, Darius, Fiora, Urgot, and Renekton. Tanks aren't being played, so Karthus can just rush flatpen and be dealing true damage to everyone in the game.

    There's just a lot of things coming together that all benefit Karthus.

  6. About the Iron thing at around 6:30, I got a 2nd account that ranked Iron II (although it said Iron IV after my first game which was a loss) and the very first game I played out of the first 10 I got matched with literally, 9 Diamond IV players

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