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KARTHUS DOING KARTHUS THINGS – Unranked to Diamond – Ep. 98 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in Karthus mid and we do Karthus issues, we even have a very good chuckle about our ADC! League of Legends Karthus Mid gameplay.

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  1. Hey Huz, this is my first unranked to diamond series, and I just want to say I've learnt a lot from your videos, but the most important thing I learnt is that not every game is winnable, and that that's okay. I've also learnt how to not tilt (I never tilted that badly) but I hardly tilt at all now. I don't even get annoyed. Thank you for the help, and keep the videos coming.

  2. I know this is will be seen by huzzy as a useless comment !! But fiora cost the enemy team to loose… I feel sorry for ekko specially and ww a bit !! They really played well and why u d think it's a pointless comment cz i d say ekko really deserved to win !!

  3. "He is not wanting to play Yasuo so I don't need to ban it". Huzzy, be careful with that. Yasuo mains are evolving. They switch to Yas after the bans A LOT. Or maybe it's just me getting unlucky with them recently idk…

  4. Huzz you should do another climb to diamond to compare the climb between beginning to mid season and mid season to end of season! Is the climb harder at the end of season when people try hard to climb before end of season

  5. I played few games to get to b1 promos and the first game of my promos dude hoooooly – every single one of my teammates were flaming and spam-pinging eachother, flaming mostly me because I was the support and you know that everyone has the right to flame the support because who is he right? Yes, nobody thank you. It makes me so sad dude, why gotta ppl be like that

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