Game of the Portuguese in the Stadium gets release date and new trailer


It will be released for both iOS and Android devices.

The stadium, Once The Bird Games, is a game that is working, we have been following for almost 3 years now. The first time I experienced it was at a Comic Con in the fall of 2017, when it was still planned to be released for the PC and Xbox One.

A lot seems to have changed since then. The studio has announced a couple of hours in the Stadium, you have finally the release date: it will be available July 2 for iOS and Android devices (including the Google-Play-Pass).

The new trailer highlights a few of the puzzles that you must solve in this adventure, you take control of a robot is isolated, that is agreement, after the extinction of mankind. The robot wakes up in a lab, and you need help to get out of there.

Empowers the the brand new trailer right below.

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