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IT'S TIME TO CLIMB? SHEN! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


So I’m giving the MAIN ACCOUNT one other go as I kinda wanna be increased rated once more. We’re on Shen and we’re in opposition to a Riven! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay.

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IT’S TIME TO CLIMB? SHEN! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. QotD: Smurfing is fine with me as I do it and when I run into smurfs, I just use it as a learning opportunity as everyone should.

  2. I always play game at Huzzy's videos named "i will guess his runes!" 😀

    Done. It;s Cheap Shot and Ultimate Hunter. 10% AS, 9 Dmg, 6 Armor.

  3. QotD: I dislike smurfs but I've learned that there is no getting rid of them, so I've stopped being mad about them. Now I only try to focus on the positives so I can tolerate all the good YouTubers who smurf (ex. help their opponents see what better laning looks like, teach lower ranked players how to win lane and snowball on video, smurfs occur on either team so in the long run they should have no effect on your rank, etc.)

  4. I just discovered I'm playing shen wrong the amount of Q you hit in the first 3 levels is the same amount I hit in 6 levels XD
    but I never see melee champs top anymore in bronze

  5. I like league but I dont play much because of the community. But I've always wondered, how do you know if a champion is AD or AP?

  6. “Eh I’m on a smurf it doesn’t really matter”

    It may not matter to you but it does to the other players.

  7. Every time I get into a must win game, like my promos or what have you, it never fails I go against a smurf. Was just in my final promo game to gold, 2 wins 2 losses and the enemy team has a Draven, level 30 account, 0 Draven games played. We went even in kills with help from ganks(I’m an ADC main btw) and I had a slight lead on cs coming out of lane phase. After that he completely took over the game and ended with 20+ kills and was the power behind all of their objective takes. Completely ruined my mental and made me lose my promos. Even after the whole team focused on stopping him.
    TLDR: smurfs suck and ruin important games. What is fun and stress relief for them is ruining games for less skilled players

  8. Playing vs people better than you is always welcome. Before I played my first ranked game, I've had a few thousand normal games (in total) played, back in season 2. Met so many challenger players there and been basically playing vs high ranked players every game. It was a lot of fun. I think it's ridiculous to complain about smurfs and people who are ranked much higher than yourself. It's a great opportunity to test yourself as well as learn. In the end, it is whatever you make it, and people who complain are usually not very good players.

  9. Gave up from main account. Managed to get to diamond on 2 smurfs while my main is hardstucked in plat 2..

  10. If Huzzy "mained" anything, it has to be Shen at this point.
    You seem comfortable no matter what build you take and your decision making is (almost) always on point.

  11. A little while ago YouTube rolled out mid video ads starting at 8 minutes. They retroactively made it so all old vids had mid ads. It happened to the fact fiend channel maybe thats what it is?

  12. Really felt like you needed some MR this game. Ur last 3 or 4 deaths were half magic damage. Yone is hybrid.

  13. You build full armor in this game lee, riven and kaisa were dealing little to no dmg to you, but yone deals half of his dmg as magic.
    He was shredding you, how can you itemize against that?

  14. QOTD: smurfs suck no matter what you can learn from them. You can easily just learn that stuff progressively as you play or by looking at vods and people who are better than you. Also you can't learn anything from smurfs in games that are mote mechanical like rocket league of cs.

  15. qotd: Personally, i love smurfs (not in ranked though), one of the first people i met in league was a smurf, he seemed chill, so i added him and boom, he tought me 70% of the base knowledge you should have in league (wards, ganking, wave control, trading etc).
    My only negative experience with smurfs was that after 1 week of not playing ranked i decided to hop on (i was in placements and it was the deciding game) and i was against a smurfing akali… didn't learn anything, i just got stomped and it felt horrible,
    in short, smurfs are the reason im not gold but smurfs are also the reason i can get to gold. 7/10, would learn from smurfs again

  16. Dude, at 22:50 you blame Lucian for his positioning, he was behind the braum and kennen, got rakan charmed and knocked up, and then a Yone ult, what can he do about that?

  17. Smurfs are good, boosters are bad…. I personally am a mid to high diamond player and when I want to bring to my main a new champ that that I found kinda hard I begin with an unranked account and play only this champ until diamond or high plat and then I bring it to my main

  18. QOTD: after losing to a Plat OTP Akali (costing me my promos) I can't say I enjoy playing against them too much, but hey you do you, I'd probably smurf as well if I got to a high enough rating, so I can't complain.

  19. QotD: Smurfs are okay I guess. I'm not playing ranked or League much. I always like your Shen games. They are usually chill.

  20. QotD: I don't mind if a smurf or smurfs are in my games i personally like to go up against them because it does allow me to face against a tougher opponent so i can learn a bit more about what i could be doing.

  21. Shen players have been taking ignite most recently, why did you take TP in this situation? And what’s your fave shen skin? Also what do you do against ranged top laners like teemo? I can’t seem to do well against them

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