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IT'S TIBBERS TIME! ANNIE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


Welcome to extra Ranked in Season 11! We’re taking part in Annie and we’re in opposition to a Vladimir! Let’s see the way it goes! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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IT’S TIBBERS TIME! ANNIE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends

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  1. Honestly I'm not a massive fan of Harry Potter but Neville is my fave character he has such awesome growth and a really cool character arc

  2. The reason Americans don’t like being called yankies is due to the civil war we had, the south was the south and the north was known as the yankies, so normally it’s your country(cowboy) based people that don’t like it, tbh I don’t care and I’m like not country but not city haha

  3. Fun fact on the Hogwarts houses, if I do the quiz on potter more I’ve only gotten Gryffindor even though I’m a gigantic coward. But when I take the quick on another website which takes all the questions I’ve only gotten ravenclaw

  4. Calling all Americans Yankees is like calling everyone in the United Kingdom British. Yes, a lot of people in the UK live in Britain, but there's also Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
    "Yankees" refers to people from New England (Northern East Coast) (even in the days of America's war for independence). Plantation owners in the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia weren't Yankees (at least by the US definition). There's about 9 states out of the 50 were people could be considered Yankees.

  5. I don’t care being called a yankee by non Americans but usually in America yankee refers to the north eastern US.

  6. How did I get over ranked anxiety? Just played with a friend… he was used to ranked, so without even asking if i wanted to play ranked or not, he queued solo/duo with me. I didn't even notice we were in ranked until after the games and saw my rank updated.

  7. My hint for ranked anxienty, used to let my friends pick the que and not look until champ select started

  8. It actually is surprising that you're Griffindor, considering Noxus is the League equivalent of Slytherin.

  9. huzzy, yankee is a term that refers to people from the north east united states, it does seem to be used generically in europe, but it is a region specific term in these united states. That is why some americans are offended by calling them yankees.

  10. I personally don't know of anyone that gets annoyed at being called a yankee but the word was used as a derogatory term by US southerners to refer to US northerners during the civil war and it just kinda stuck around afterwards and is only really used in slight jest as far as I'm aware.

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