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IT'S TEEMO TIME! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


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Yup… Today we’re enjoying Teemo high, I used to be kinda sick on this recording session so thought one thing a bit extra mild was a good suggestion! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Teemo Top Gameplay.

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IT’S TEEMO TIME! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Yuumi is bad for solo queue unless you put the time into practicing her and learning how to play an agressive Yuumi, then she can be very effective in the right matchup. You basically have to just learn how to maximise the amount of harrass you can get from her Q and passive. Honestly after putting a lot of time into her new state I think Riot have actually done a decent job with her in terms of balance. She is basically a nieche pick for an objective control, siege or teamfight based comp so not great for onetricking but good to just have as an option in a champion pool if you feel confident that you perform on her even with a bad adc. If you can't grasp how to do that then she defimitly isn't the right champ for you, a bad Yuumi is like a bad Sona, just sitting on your adc spamming Q and Heal randomly instead of playing proactively and using your spells with intent and thought.

    Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk

  2. Maybe its just me. I don't think it's Riot's it's job to police the community. It should be the community's job. We've all kinda excepted that toxicity is the norm and I don't think that is how we should be veiwing it.

  3. Happy to hear about the house huzzy! On another note, as much as we all hate playing against teemo, your teemo videos are always some of my favorite.

    Edit* just got to the mini game, currently at 7 deaths, my guess is 11

  4. Gets killed by a slow, telegraphed knockup with a clearly defined area while overstaying seconds after using his flash to dodge a friendly Senna ult.

    In /all chat: "balanced"

    Ooh, also, minigame time. I'm going to guess 11.

  5. Hey Huzzy, question. Does your dislike of duo players extend past just mid/top and jungle duos? Like do you also feel like us Support/Botlane duo players are boosted and bad at the game?

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