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IS ZOE BALANCED NOW? – Unranked to Diamond – Ep. 127 | League of Legends


Today I play Zoe and this sport was fairly a doozy! Is she balanced now? I strive to discover out a bit in immediately’s episode. We’re in opposition to a Fizz One Trick. League of legends Zoe Mid Gameplay.

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  1. "surviving is winning when you arnt supposed to survive against that person" yea… that requires your team to not feed the fuck out of them.

    if that fizz had been good he would have roamed bot and gotten easy kills wiht your super pushed bot lane the whole time you were talking about how you are winning by not dying. and then fizz comes back to your lane 5/1/2 and fucks your face off.

  2. Hey Huzzy, first of thank you for your great videos. I have a suggestion for you what to play: Maybe Nautilus Top is worth looking at in unranked to diamond. I feel everyone has forgotten about him and he's not as bad as he used to be after the nerfes anyore. maybe you wanna consider playing him.

  3. She will be balanced when Riot nerfs her early game wave clear. She does way to much dmg to have such a good wave clear. She dont get punished for using her Q to harras. And i think that the dmg multiplier on E should work only for Zoe.

    About the AFK situation from the start of the games. There is a bug in this patch. Some files of some champs crash the loading screen with some software drivers. I have sometimes 3-5 times to reconnect to get into loading screen and its not only me with that problem. It started from the first day of the 8.10 patch release.

  4. I would like to see the video off all intros that didnt make it to youtube due to dodges or remakes, shoud be lots of fun, if you make compilation of that stuff, seeing you reaction. If not on main channel, then on HuzzyExtra 😀

  5. Zoe needs to go back to the drawing board, such a shit kit. Only fun for the one playing her but if your against her.. good luck with her free sums, good early, and broken late ( at least shes technically 'immobile' )

  6. Numbers wise? Yes, she's balanced. Kit wise? No, I don't think that kit can ever be balanced, at least not unless Riot release loads more champs similar (and that REALLY wouldn't be a good thing). Nice episode though, gg Huzzy

  7. I love it when I play mages and have other damaging champs like Lee Sin, Graves, any ADC, Fiora, Gangplank, etc on my team. They all focus me and my team wins the match. I have a dirty dirty dirty strategy. I make my JG gank early and if they say “can’t 1v1?” or something like that, I just keep talking even though I mute them. My JG keeps camping and they get more tilted and lane usually is won. Even though I go around 3/11 like I do with bruisers or mages, my team is profiting from me being a dummy for the enemy team. They keep punching me and they get punched. Pretty much a free win if they think you’re important

  8. I've wanted to try and play Zoe, but unfortunately my computer doesn't seem to want me to. It stutters everytime I use her Q, both the initial and second cast. Such a shame cause she looks like such a fun champion to play.

  9. The timing…Just as I had been trying a few games on her, trying to decide if I wanted to officially learn her or not, you post a video on her! So what’s the verdict…is she a good champion to learn, or no?

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