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Warwick Top has been gaining a bit of reputation so I assumed I’d test it out and see what it is about! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Warwick Top Gameplay.

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  1. WW top used to be viable when his Q had no mana cost due to a bug but since it was fixed he is less so.

  2. Anybody think Riot should try out a patch where they make the dragon/rift spawns (top or bottom pit) random?

  3. “Is it legit? Top lane warwick”
    Boy, nowadays, the way this game is going, I believe everything is op, even sona adc would be legit.

  4. The names of the players in ww's team. pretty much sums up season 10
    "unlucky go nextt"
    and then there's the 1 guy that still enjoys it
    "strong mental"

  5. You should react too Xpetu a challanger shen player would be intressting for you too react too him

  6. Honestly though I dunno if Death's Dance is actually good on Warwick. Why? Because his passive, Q, and ult are all magic damage. He would want omnihealing more than straight physical damage lifesteal. In fact, because his Q and ult both count as basic attacks, I might even argue for Bloodthirster if it can proc off of magic damage from basic attacks.

  7. For the statement at timestamp 14:18;

    Warwick Q applies on-hit effects, so the sheen proc is gonna be on top of the already decent damage of the ability itself.

  8. I think there was some thought behind leaving inhibs after killing turrents.
    Instead of super minions flodding the base in one or two lanes blue minions now can push out preventing blue team from farming safely, while inhibs are still vulnerable for one final push

  9. I've seen a guy but from NA in GM/challenger playing warwick top but running flash/barrier for the last year or so

  10. can u please play Malzahar i really like the champion and i want to learn to play it from you

  11. Warwick main strength his healing on the q and the damage reduction on his fear, the main reason that he isn't good top, his mana costs and max mana. Which is the biggest reason for iceborn, he doesn't do well vs people who can outlast his mana bar.

  12. Warwick hit legit 1hp early, i would be livid lmao, picks like this are nice vs certain things like kayn is good vs tanks ww might be bttr vs non sustain damage so that he can heal it back. Also off meta becomes meta when someone tries something new and it works. Pantheon and swain support for example. Sett support. Old camille jg. Zyra and brand supp. Ekko jg

  13. Yeah, many of the off-meta picks are actually very strong in 1v1 laning. The reason they're off-meta is because they have different flaws that keep them from using that advantage consistently for winning the game. Some of them can be very fun for Normal games and Flex, though (red Kayn top and Azir top come to mind).

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