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IS SKARNER WORTH PLAYING? My first ever Skarner Video! | League of Legends


Yup… Today is my first ever add of Skarner, I’ve by no means accomplished a video of him as I’ve by no means actually rated the champion. Let’s see one of the very best Skarner’s do their factor. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Skarner Jungle Gameplay.

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IS SKARNER WORTH PLAYING? My first ever Skarner Video! | League of Legends

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  1. going for graves in the start was a good idea but he should let him go more into circle bcz speed boost and attack speed boost are enough for ez kill. lee for example doesn't have a chance even when half of battle is done in a circle (ofc if he saves his jump he can but lee players almost always use jump to go into fight)

  2. I love skarner so much. One of my favorite champions since I started playing LOL. Depending on my team comp, I'll either build ad, ap, or tank. Majority of the time I go tank cause team comps usually good. By the way as tank skarner, if you farm enough you can 1v1 the fed champ on the enemy team. I know I have lol

  3. My thoughts on Skarner: one of the coolest designs I've seen of a character/creature, and it has such a bland moveset. His Passive is probably the most unique thing with the capture points that only really benefit Skarner in a boring way, and his R you'd rather have a blitz or thresh hook which do essentially the same thing but better as basic abilities. Boring slash around q, a speed boost that dies with its shield, and a skill-shot that is somehow the most interesting ability with the crystal venom, and even then is ok. You have a Crystal Arcane Scorpion, how is this dull?
    People for 1 reason or another want to see some champions with a rework, to me Skarner is on that list. Maybe not as high as say Quinn, but I genuinely feel this guy needs a serious update.

  4. Worth? Meh. Fun as heck? Very. Also early skarner can win quite the amount of 1v1’s as long as he stays in pillar range.

  5. Just started playing with skarner, got me from gold 4 to plat 2 and finaly u made a video about him 😀

  6. Skarner…he came, he saw….he kicked their azz…he ran home. But he's good enough to win while limit testing.

  7. Don't think Huzzy realizes Skarner is one of the best jungle champions period. End of discussion. His play is not centered around his ultimate like Huzzy leads on…. That's a huge misconception cause he does way more. For example he does have a stun on his E that can move through multiple targets if you can trigger it by landing the E, then auto attacking the target or targets, or spamming Q. That control buff is really broken and game changing to say the least, it gives him such a huge steroid it is insane, and a lot of mana regeneration. Skarner's clear is one of the fastest clears in the entire game of league if he has his control points/spires set up. His damage is is really good and oppressive at times when ahead especially. Overall he is amazing, and lets be honest, no one builds QSS in ranked, only in pro play you see that happening. Also it's worth knowing hardly anyone I know of goes QSS first or even 2nd item, most build it around the third item spike and Skarners is a early game, mid game champion, it isn't a loss for him at all because his job is to win early, and mid. Late game he is more of a ult bot but still fairly strong although he don't really scale well. Obviously his ultimate is good and can do many things like pulling a threat away from a teamfight, or pulling a target into your team, either way, it's awesome. Let's not forget Skarner has the highest win rate ever in league of legends, or the 2nd highest in leagues history which is pretty damn good. He absolutely crushes Graves after level 3, especially level 6 and if he has his spires, not many champions can duel him 1v1.

  8. i actually played scarier 2 dats ago knowing that u have never played him … i want u to play hime apparently he counters lee sin …. yes u just said u are going to play it !!!!!

  9. Gotta admit. I quit League a couple of months ago and have not been watching as much as I used to. But this is just too odd not to check out!

  10. 3:44 from my limited knowledge, as long as Skarner's in that zone he can duel with a lot of junglers in the early levels. As to which ones they are, I have nooo clue.

  11. I dont think huzz understands skarner if he think he would lose to a fight against graves (granted in spire range) :p

  12. fun fact about skarner his E cooldown is reduced by CCing an enemy and when he builds 40% CDR he can chain his ult and his E to stun an enemy for almost 5 sec. Also he has both AD and AP scaling on his abilities. Don't feel to bad about forgetting he exist Huzzy Rito did too.

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