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IS RANKED GOOD? Also Ranked Vs Normals | League of Legends


Today in League Discussion we focus on Ranked. Is the ranked system good, what may very well be totally different and why folks play Ranked over Normal video games in League of Legends.

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  1. I just play for fun. I don't like stress. So i play normals. I still try to win, i don't just joke around all the time, but why would I play ranked? I'm not trying to get better or go pro. I just like to play the game.

  2. I play mostly normals, but I'm trying to play ranked more. I get really bad ranked anxiety when I do tho and it stops me from playing a lot of times. I'm always scared of losing idk why. On the bright side tho with just around 125 games this season I went from bronze 4 placements to silver two 😀

  3. I don't agree with you Huzzy about what you say for duoQ cuz I climed Gold as a Duo but from G2-P5 I climbed as solo player. I'm support players if that change something with your opinion (sry if my English isn't good)

  4. There is question I have for you Huzzy. What if 2 people start together from 0 like Bronze and they reach the Diamond 1 for example by playing together? Aren't these 2 players considered Diamond players or only if you reach Diamond by your self? Attention, I am not speaking about 2 people where one of them was already Master or Diamond and the other one not, I am speaking about 2 people with the same capacities and same game play level. I agree with what you say but I just want to know your opinion about this case cause it's true that if I, for example, am playing with friends of mine who are master and they bring me to Diamond, well then yes, I do not deserve that rating, but what if start from 0 with a friend, same level as a player as me, and we reach Diamond together? You think that ones we play separated by our selves with different kind of people, we will mess up?

  5. so people like me who don't have 4 other friends who play this game can't played serious with my friends or what

  6. I think being in a duo to achieve the rating you want is not that bad. Mayby it is not fair but it make some poeple happy 🙂

  7. I feel as if I'm the kinda player that WANTS to rank, but I feel I don't take the game serious enough that I'd rather not ruin it for the 4 other people that get stuck with me.. another thing is I tend to like playing with friends

  8. I used to be a 100% normals player since season 5. I have played my fair share of normals, but I always wanted to be seen as a good player as I am a very competitive person. However, I didn't want to play ranked because I had anxiety of being placed low and being low elo. Some time in season 5 I finally decided to do my placements for the first time and I played really poorly and ended up being placed in silver 5. After that, I stopped playing ranked and went back to just playing normal games. Around the middle of this past season I decided that I wanted to try ranked again, and going into it I was scared but I had been stomping all of my normals. So I went in ranked and was placed in silver 4, and then after playing more I began to skip ratings. Once I got over the low elo anxiety I switched to just playing ranked. I ended the season platinum 1 and the game has a new refreshing vibe to it unlike when I was constantly stomping in normals.

  9. If they make clash a thing it should get a "pracc" mode, so you can que with your team and practice/play other clashteams in your "league"! That would be really cool, kinda like ESEA client has for csgo!

  10. I think what I don't understand is I sat at a 50% win rate all season for about 1200 ranked games and couldn't climb i have several friends at a 49% win rate but climb to mid silver to low gold. Because of the inconsistancy I really agree that they should show some kind of mmr indication. It was my first season in league and I just found it frustrating to be getting passed by someone with a lower win rate

  11. Did you know there have been 7 BILLION teemo shrooms placed in 2017. You should play teemo to get it to 10 billion next year!!

  12. Youre right Huzz, but idk i just get sad when I lose, and I play so much more normal games too. I guess I need to grind in ranked

  13. I think flex is a really healthy game mode for a simple reason : you can take it less seriously than soloQ like you do in normals but you still get matched with players who roughly are on the same level as you. The main issue with normals is that you can have diamond and silver players in the same game, which doesn't happen in flex.
    Also I strongly agree on the fact that solo/duo should now be solo only. As you can now play ranked with your friends in flex there's no point in keeping the duoQ. This would solve several problems linked to it like people getting boosted via duoQ or a botlane getting the upper hand over the ennemies just because they're premade. It would also improve the quality of the matchmaking as with the duoQ system you can bring a gold 5 friend into a plat 5 game which makes the teams feel unbalanced whereas in a solo environnement you're sure to be matched with players of the same skill (losing your plat 5 promos 2 days before the end of the season just because a plat 3 decided to duo with a gold 5 and the gold 5 just got ran over and fed like a monster really feels like you got cheated on). It would make things more fair for everyone and would be a quality of gameplay improvement.

  14. Ranked for me is best. I just want to play with higher level ADC because they know how to run the lane more.

  15. Im kinda normal player. Actually.. I fell little emberassed about this but i played aram for 1 year and a few game normal. Like 4 or 5 match. And i saw aram doing me not good i start playin normal 4 month ago. And i want to play ranked but at the same time i think i have to learn a bit more about champs so.. Should i start play ranked or little bit later? (i can play darius, bc and teemo good, a few more my champs are good but not like these)

  16. I play LoL everyday and have never finished my placements. The reason this is is because when i play a video game no matter what it is I don't want to be stressed out. I have enough day to day stress I don't need videos games (something I do in my free time) to stress me out.

  17. Hey Huzz,

    I play mostly normals because I'm trying to pick up some new champions and I dont feel comfortable yet playing them in ranked. I have a few picks I do oke on and these I do play in ranked.
    I'm going to play more ranked starting next season, then I'll have had some time getting used to some of the new champs.

  18. Duo que is the only reason people play support. If you got rid of duo que, every single support player would be auto filled.

  19. The truth is that you cannot rank by personal performance because it's a team based game. If it was personal performance everyone would be for themselves and there would be NO team play at all; and a lot more complaining of K.S.

    However, the ranking system as it is, isn't working either. Mostly because League is a team game and, entering in solo queue, you are met with just a TON of egos, which in itself, nullifies the idea of a team.Very rarely will you find people who are interested in doing their job and assisting others do theirs. It's truly a solo queue, and, if you're lucky, you'll actually get a team.

    The problem with the way the current ranking system is now is that it is only based on one thing: Games won. Except, proving your skill and team play does not shine in whether you can convince your team to take objectives or not. In fact, that's a leaders job and most of these players are too egotistical to even listen to counsel. The ranking system, as I learned in business school, should be based on, at the very least, three different aspects. My suggestions are: Nexus destroyed, turrets destroyed, drakes killed and perhaps wards placed.

    These three, and perhaps four, pillars force all players, even the most egotistical, to contribute to team play, whether they desire to or not. KDA doesn't contribute at all and it doesn't force you to help your team. If they use a strategy like this, they will find more diamonds in the rough, among the bronze and silver players who should be in higher ranked positions but fail simply because they can't convince their team to actually be a team.

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