Is Pewdiepie competing in the return of Friday Fortnite?


Note that Keemstar doesn’t give an official date as to when Friday Fortnite will be coming back, but he does say that the biggest Youtuber in the world will be joining for the first week of season 2.

Now if this is the truth and it really is the biggest Youtuber in the world who will be joining, then that person would be none other than Pewdiepie with a whopping 80 million+ subscribers. While Keemstar has been known to be a troll and have fun, this could have huge backfire if it turns out to be fake news, so it’s most likely a legitimate tweet.

Pewdiepie entering the Fortnite scene could be just what the community needs as many content creators feel as if the game is currently at a rough spot and on the verge of death.

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