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IS KARTHUS JUNGLE WORTH PLAYING? – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Karthus Jungle, in principle he may be fairly good should you’re allowed to scale. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Karthus Jungle Gameplay.

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IS KARTHUS JUNGLE WORTH PLAYING? – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Hey Huzzy, just a cool trick if you didn't know it. When you ulted the aphelios and you weren't sure if he healed or not, you can check to see if the champion with heal or a nearby enemy has the debuff that happens after it's used. You can see it underneath the Aphelios at 15:35, so he probably used it a little bit before you ulted.

  2. What can riot even do about it? Ban people for being bad at the game? (unless you are talking about autofill, that stuff needs to get removed and is on riot) Its the playerbase that needs to step up.
    And this is what people call elo hell, keep getting team mates who do highly questionable things. And when people say that, they get slapped in the face with "If you are good enough you just have to carry, if you cant carry then you belong in that elo."

    Its harsh but thats what people get told day in day out.

    And this is the reason I never really play ranked, the playerbase is too toxic and this kind fo shit that just deters me from playing ranked in league.

  3. I don´t mind you uploading losses at all, even if you get really dissapointed during the games. It makes the climb feel much more real, and makes the final goal much more exciting. I´ve been watching you for a long time now, and my fav times was watching your streams on youtube, bad wins and great losses combined. Keep the spirits up.

  4. I think I’ll give my hot take on why games are becoming lower quality: It’s because the meta is in such a weird place.

    I’d say it’s entirely the fault of dragon souls. I’m not saying they’re a bad mechanic, but the game hasn’t evolved around them yet to where we have a set meta.

    If you take a look at the best champions right now assassins/burst snowball characters make up a good portion of them. (Qiyana, Diana, Elise, Ekko, Fizz, MF, to name a few)
    But drakes are arguably the most important objective to contest, so team fights are very awkward because a proper engage has to be very coordinated. Even in high elo doing that without voice coms is painful.

    IMO split pushing champions have been heavily indirectly nerfed because of the importance of drakes. You’re not gonna be able to split mid or bot because both teams know how important those lanes are to contest drake. With the addition of platings you’re not going to be taking a tower pre 14. And with soul relevance you’re going to need to be hovering bot because every 5 minutes could be one step closer to securing the coinflip. And TP is a 6 minute CD.

    Anyways, that was a very long rant, and I may certainly be wrong on some fronts, but I don’t think I can be denied that the new drake mechanic is responsible on some level for the kinds of fiestas we see nowadays even in higher rating.

  5. Please read the whole comment. Stop bitching and start carrying. If your team is bad, chances are their's too. Play carry champions and not the ap equivalent of Yi. Stop complaining about your tanks being somwhere else when you get caught checking for an unwarded bush. They make it hard but you are not helping it by complaining. You legit start sounding like Hashinshin. There, I said it. Apart from the Hashinshin comparison, all the things I wrote came from your teachings and helped me focus on myself and not the others. I really don't care if you play 2-3 champs per role on your main account, you have iron to master for variety. Hope you rediscover yourself as a player. Good luck in your next soloq game.

  6. I have found the gameplay quality to be way worse the past two seasons too, but it has also made it easier to climb in my opinion. I went from a plat player my first season to D1 this season. IMO queue up for mid more or play assassin junglers. Might need a few different champs in your pool to make it back to master this season.

  7. Hey, Huzz! I know some people have already mentioned this, but I just wanted to stop in and say I’ve been watching you almost since you started, off and on (as I go in/out of playing league) and I just wanted to say that watching you in this season’s Iron to Master your mental took an absolute 180 from when it was mostly the main account. I, personally, as a hard stuck silver, love watching the iron to master and would totally support it! As long as you’re having a good time, we will too! 😁

  8. Not gonna lie, I feel like ranked keeps getting worse and worse with each season. I played a game the other day, where after a 6 game loss streak, everyone on my team was getting ahead. Next thing I know, our mid laner gets caught out and goes AFK. I legit just sat at my computer screen for about an hour and felt like I could cry. Games can be really depressing, and, especially in jungle, it can be easy to blame yourself and ask, "Did I do something wrong?" "Was it my fault we lost?"

    It's a horrible mindset to be in, and I can't imagine how hard it must be as a content creator to go through this. I can't speak for everyone, but I definitely won't mind you taking a break from the main account to clear your head. Just keep working hard and bettering yourself as a player. You'll get through this rough patch eventually. Best of luck 🙂

  9. I don't think I would call this game fun I always sit down and attempt to login to League and end up feeling every time I'm in game to just get it over with. Game is just all around toxic and have to deal with every other person's feelings that just drag you down. I know you built your channel around one game, but maybe create a other channel or something.

  10. Getting frustrated is normal, just try to improve and focus only on your gameplay I guess. Why do random people in soloq make u feel bad, u are not playing to point out their mistakes, are u? Legit very bad attitude to climb, sad to see. Influences the quality of videos as well, so yeah, probably not the account u need to change 🙂 gl anyways

  11. goes to write something sympathetic
    looks back at the yasuo game thumbnail that still haunts my dreams
    feels the urge to say something mean
    looks at huzzy´s face at 23:45
    yeah, I´m gonna keep quiet on this one

  12. You’re allowed to make dumb mistakes, especially since you were already somewhat tilted at your team beforehand + you have to focus on commentary and the game, just gotta admit when you mess up and move on. But yeah if the main is too frustrating right now do whatever to fix your mental. If the content creator isn’t having a good time that affects the content. Also pleasantly surprised to see this posted, most people don’t like posting them getting stomped, but it’s a part of a team game so it’s bound to happen.

  13. Chat is honestly the best and the worst thing in League.

    Every single retard gives you that little confidence boost that you aren't that braindead

  14. Huzzy this is Howdoyoupurr sorry for speaking during the Aurelian sol game. I didn’t realize you read the chat during your streaming. Didn’t wish to become a back seat driver. Just like to teach people useful stuff. Same as you. I did appologize. Hope you don’t block my account in your stream.

  15. 23:45 huzz, i'd hate to say it, but maybe its time to leave the main account alone for a long while, and return to it sometime in the second half of the season? i legit dont think i've ever seen you this, just completely and utterly downtrodden and frustrated, and not sure if i should say it, but i will, completely depressed (atleast it seems like you are to me.) much as i do enjoy watching your play in high elo, im worried about your mental health my guy. im worried that the main account is taking way to big a toll on your mental. so if it is my guy, pls step away from it for a while, and just play on the smurf, the eune level account, etc. and try and just have some non-stressful fun playing league. wish you well huzzy. remember to put your health first before youtube and twitch.

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