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IS GLACIAL AHRI WORTH DOING? – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


So we have been enjoying a bit of Ahri not too long ago and at all times run electrocute, right now I assumed we might attempt the glacial construct which remains to be actually in style on Ahri! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ahri Mid Gameplay.

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IS GLACIAL AHRI WORTH DOING? – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. “ I don’t rate a champion that gets countered by one item”

    looks at all the malzahar videos Huzzy has made after realizing that Malz isn’t bad even tho he used to say Malz was a bad champ who could just get focused while he’s standing still pressing r and getting countered by qss.

    Try the scorpion you will see :))))

  2. Skarner is actually really fun! Especially in lower rating people barely take over the crystals. And with hard engage + hard cc you can give a very clear signal to your soloQ team of "just kill this dude".

  3. I beat down on a katarina mid, they herald and 4man bot lane and get 2 turrets and the game is over just like that 12 minutes in.

  4. League of "there are not enough bans for so many op shit" also why the hell is the most boring and generic champ of all times the most op adc 😴

  5. perhapse partly the reason why ahri damage felt low this game is becouse twice you ulted in as your true damage Q was returning and didnt hit the enemy champion because you ulted through them

  6. 4:30 like im not hating or anything and u right about that it screwd u over when u helped him a bit but after u got an nice E Q AA. with that u had the lead in HP alot. After u missplayed some thing so he got even or a bit ahead. that was the mistake you made missplaying not helping skarner.

    Not hating or anything not at all but people take it realy bad when u critt someone.
    But i find it anyoing how people blame it on teammates like that. and yes its blaming a team mate.
    Like he says his mistake but it was his mistake HELPING A TEAM MATE.

    Alot of error but my english not that gooood

  7. Love sister act. Ill go back and just listen to the songs on YouTube everynow and then.
    Also, Maokai was clapping cheeks the whole game

  8. I always feel like if you fall behind with Ahri you have very low dmg – can only be worse with the glacial build then 😀

  9. Should see how yasuo feels nowadays with all the other hyper kit loded champs thatve been introduced lately

  10. Is love to see this game from the Maos perspective. I swear so many times he’s seemed dead and just ends up getting a kill somehow

  11. Ive seen this
    Maybe I have watched the stream but I cant remember.
    And too everyone who see this message have a great day.

  12. His isnt an ahri video anymore. With all the "omg maokais a god. What?" This is a maokai video now.

  13. I feel like Ahri is a great blind pick champion because nothing really can crush her in lane. She has a lot of utility and mobility for a mage so it makes sense that her damage isn't that high.

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