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IS CHO'GATH TOP ACTUALLY GOOD? – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends


Yup, today we’re playing Cho’Gath, I’m interested to see if he works nowadays and also the most effective means to figure out is play it on your own! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Cho’Gath Top Gameplay.

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IS CHO’GATH TOP ACTUALLY GOOD? – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends

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  1. Cho is better than other tanks in the way, that he can build pretty much everything, if you are willing to experiment and you think about your choices. Sometimes they have exactly the right Teamcomp, so you can get away with building shit like Titanic into Steraks. You get tanky af and you deal sooo much dmg it's insane. Or you can go AP. Or you go hybrid. You can also carry teamfights, because when they don't have very much dmg besides their adc, you can 1shot the adc and then just kill the other people with your max health dmg.

  2. Gotta go corrupting potion into ROA build on cho. It gives you everything you want early and transitions you to being able to insta clear waves and 100-0 squishies with w+q+r.

    Lategame you end up feeling just as tanky.

  3. cho'gath is great in protect compositions and is rather unique his play style is different than Sion, what other tank has a massive execute and grows in size? also riot buffed him some recently so his power level is now more on curve cho's kit is harder to learn than other tanks because of the lack of any mobility but he is a true 1 v 1 tank which is something rare in league.

  4. 16:33 thats what i do in that matchup. zed cant one shot you without ult, so zhonya stops that, and thx to the armor plus your healing he wont be able to two combo you. basically makes it near impossible for him to win the 1v1.

  5. Gotta admit, landing a feast kill is so satisfying it keeps me coming back to cho. He's fun, but not great, and pretty fun to watch for some reason.

    Since he's so meh in lane it can be fun to take your ultimate to the dragon pit for some surprise plays. You'd know better than me how effective that'd be in diamond though.

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