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Today we’re testing Camille in Top! I all the time see Camille’s do insanely properly and it is made me suppose… is she truly a bit overpowered? Let’s take a look and discover out! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Camille Top Gameplay.

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  1. She is too strong bcs of grasp imo. It makes her 1 of 2 unplayable matchups playable. Renek..jax matchup is still unplayable bcs jax is op. She still has a lot of bad matchups jax renektom morde darius fiora all of these are atleast 60 40 for them than camille.

    This gameplay is a bad example . She got camped any champ can snowball out of control any champ above A tier atleast.

    She is strong . The only way she may be op is grasp camille. I personally dont like grasp camille . I only take it in fiora and renek. Otherwise conq camille feels much better to me. And it would suck if she gets nerfed bcs people abuse grasp on her.

    Atleast pls show a better example of a game .
    Not this when u get the jungler and top is auto lost . Any good top laner can capitalize on that

  2. Can we talk about the term "one shot". When did it become an ability dump resulting in a kill? It used to be being killed by a SINGLE ability. Like a huge crit damage hit or a massive AP burst.

    Now it seems it means using all or more than one ability. That is not a ONE shot. Its a multi shot.

  3. Wouldn't have guessed this was Korea with some of the enemy choices. Just the way League seems to be going for everyone. I still prefer EU higher ranked over Korea servers honestly.

  4. Reddit has been flooded with Fiora plays recently (jjking in particular). Perhaps you might be interested to spectate a Fiora player?

  5. Camille isn't really secretly overpowered, she's just overpowered. Most popular top laner in plat+ with a winrate similar to Shen and Fiora in 10.18. Safe laner with cc, mobility, true damage, strong split pushing. She scales well without being terrible in lane. People just don't complain because she isn't an early game bully. If you look at the top 3 most banned top primary champions in plat+ it's Darius Renekton Irelia, all of who have strong lane phases.

  6. Well, that was rather dull to watch. That wasn’t Camille winning or doing well at all, that was having a constant 2/3 people vs mord, nonstop all the time. Looked like there was more time spent in gank situations than not. Of course the mord got destroyed.
    Heck, she was even losing before she got the camp of her life. That isn’t showing Camille being overpowered in the slightest. That was Camille and gamg bullying the poor fella.
    You can find a better replay than that I’m sure.

  7. Sorry huzz, but it's not really interesting to see a camille "do well" when they get babysit. It's not about camille at that point anymore. Personally I find that this videos are useful to showcase champs, but in this case is more of a "how well can X do if they get gifted the early?"

  8. I dont want to say she is overpowered. Maybe she is too strong= Im not driving. Im traveling

  9. In season 10 I don't think most champs are even op at this point it's kind of expected that somebody is going to get insanely fed and do a million damage. Maybe some champs like camille are temporarily better at getting fed which is where one could say a champ is too strong.

  10. I am actually fond of watching you, I like you many times better than the other shitty streamers like Red or Tyler! 👍

  11. Yeah I feel that camille is a bit over tuned. I've had camilles do bad but when they get their first item they just pop off, it's weird

  12. Camille ult: "You will stay where I want you to stay!"
    Mordekaiser ult: "Enter the crucible of anguish."
    Camille ult: Are you copying me? Well, I'm better because I boost my own damage, beat that.
    Mordekaiser ult: Actually, I steal your stats, so…

    I dunno I just find it funny that the ults are so similar. Even better that they both dissuade allies from helping the target

  13. She's not too strong this guy is just really good against an average morde and got mega fed

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