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I'M AGAINST AN ANIVIA TOP?!? ORNN! – Duo to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome again to Duo to Master, we’re taking part in Ornn at present and weirdly I’m up in opposition to a OTP Anivia who truly mains her in prime… Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ornn Top Gameplay! Vicksy:

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I’M AGAINST AN ANIVIA TOP?!? ORNN! – Duo to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. usually i watch these to pick up some tips on the champ you playing but what i got from this one is my new pocket pick anivia top

  2. Imo always max q on ornn, sure the %hp is nice with w but its just too long a cooldown. Also rush bamis just because its so much damage. Then merc treads to abyssal mask.

  3. yep, while you were teamfighting 4v5, the elise was running around the base afk… just saying.
    it's no longer possible to carry a team by yourself, but it's quite easy to ruin a game for the other 9 people. =D

    another reason i play other games and just watch you tube for league.

  4. Really enjoyed watching this video because of how well you seemed to handle the cranky teammates without tilting yourself.

  5. "Bringing up the old loading madooda, I'm sitting in base while my teams invading " 😆😆 honestly love their friendship 😁😁

  6. Shows the game is going in the bin. Play whatever you want wherever and win hurr durr durr. Glad I'm stepping away from the game.
    Season 11 is just going to be one overpowered the game with "mythics" Who ever gets one first wins.

  7. Huzz, is there a reason that your stream vods don't have game audio? Is there some setting I've changed that has done that?

  8. 0:40 i suppose its a similar thing to vlad top in terms of idea. things in mid bully the super weak in the early, late game scaling mage (that scales into an absolute god in late game), just like vlad, anivia is practically as tanky as most bruisers. and by putting it top it can basically free farm the lane without being bullied as much, and in were mid, junglers love to gank it cause its the lane that opens up the most map pressure for the team, but then also hovers dragon area, top lane instead is practically an island were you likely wont have to worry about enemy junglers most games

  9. huzz, did you notice how many mastery points they had on Anivia? almost 5 million. Thats A LOT
    edit: i looked it up and they're the 4th highest mastery points anivia player in the world.

  10. バンジーガムがゴムとガムの両方の特性を備えていることをご存知ですか?

  11. I’m thinking of starting to watch the stream however I can never catch it, do you have a schedule?

  12. Love your videos, plus you play so many people I play (fizz ornn etc) however I’d love to see you try some lux!

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