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I'M ACTUALLY STARTING TO LIKE TEEMO… HELP ME… – Fill to Diamond S10 | League of Legends


Yup… I’m taking part in extra Teemo, weirdly have began to get pleasure from him as he is simply actually chill. If you play energetic on him and do not simply sit again you could be fairly the drive! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Teemo Top Gameplay.

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I’M ACTUALLY STARTING TO LIKE TEEMO… HELP ME… – Fill to Diamond S10 | League of Legends

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  1. I just love it. I know Huzz is never gonna be a OTP – but if this abomination were to occur you should really go for the Teemo OTP Huzz! Suits you! (And im not just talking about the hat!)

  2. I played Teemo support last night after being trolled by a dup the previous game that dced. Did awesome, we were winng the game, but enemy team was sieging top and our ashe was splitting bot for some reason. We totally had the win had she stuck with the rest of the team. I wound up doing the most damage in the game by 2or3 times and was a very frustrating loss.

  3. Doing well, Huzzy, thanks for asking xD Yesterday went from crap birthday to a fairly decent birthday. No party of course, but I was able to get some things done in a game!

  4. I care about you a good deal, Huzzy. I watch every video, catch the stream when I can from the US, knowing you're doing well and are happy helps me feel better in this insane world. I hope your good mood keeps up, you deserve it

  5. Didn’t they remove the executioners passive from obvlivon orb and made is so you need 3k gold to get reduced healing on mages?

  6. hey huzz, loving the content, has helped me out mentally and its great just seeing good people at league play league and commentating about it without being toxic

    but i immediately unsubscribed after seeing that title, get it together man

  7. I think Huzzy loves the hat more than teemo. He plays teemo for the excuse of wearing the hat. Heheheh.

    Nice game!

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