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Iceborne Guide – How to Find A Gold Creature, All Monster Locations and How to Kill Them


Capcom’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is filled with issues to do and secrets and techniques to unearth. One of these is the Golden Macaque, a uncommon monkey that may seem close to scorching springs. Capturing it’s obligatory for getting the Golden Gleam Achievement/Trophy however how do you discover one?

First, go away your Palico on the hub because it may scare the create away. Head to Hoarfrost Reach and cling round Area 2. There are some scorching springs there however given the Golde Macaque’s spawn fee, it won’t seem instantly. Keep reloading till it will definitely spawns, sneak up rigorously behind it and seize it with the online.

Monster Locations

The enlargement can also be filled with beasts to battle. Whether it’s giant monsters, brutes, Elder Dragons or new subspecies, the enlargement will check your limits when it comes to searching. We’ve composed some tips about how to battle most of the new monsters together with their areas. Note that the 5 hidden monsters discovered within the Guiding Lands have been omitted. You can study extra about them right here.


Beotodus is the primary monster you’ll encounter in Hoarfrost Reach. It’s principal factor is Ice and it’s principal weak point is Fire (with Thunder being second greatest). It can afflict Iceblight and the weak factors are its head, tail and legs.

Since Beotodus likes to “swim” via the snow and emerge solely to assault, take some Screamer Pods with you and deploy them when it’s shut. This will stun Beotodus and enable you to get some hits in. At some level, a Banbaro will intrude and inflict injury on Beotodus, which is all the time helpful.

Other than that, Beotodus’s assaults have very apparent tells. One of the trickier assaults shall be when it rears again, seemingly to assault, earlier than diving again into the snow and leaping out. This may be simply averted however preserve this in thoughts for those who’re making an attempt to get some Foresight Slashes off with the Longsword.


The first Brute Wyvern encountered in Hoarfrost Reach, Banbaro is weak to Fire. Its principal factor is Ice so be careful for Iceblight and goal its head and legs. Along with fixed expenses, Banbaro additionally likes to choose up bushes with its antlers and both swing them round or toss them into enemies. It additionally slams the bottom with its head and antlers, which current a great opening to assault given the restoration time.

Banbaro can get right into a turf battle with Beotodus so as soon as once more, take the time to recuperate or plan your subsequent assault whereas each monsters are duking it out.


A Flying Wyvern, Nargacuga is able to inflicting Bleed and Poison so preserve Astera Jerky and Antidotes helpful. It fortunately doesn’t have an related assault factor and is weak to Thunder first and Fire second. Aim for the top, tail and hind legs to exploit its weak factors. Nargacuga is fairly quick and you may want to use traps to halt it in place (Paralysis and Sleep inducing weapons will even be helpful). Another window of alternative arises when it slams its tail down. It will get caught in place, permitting you time for attacking.

Coral Pukei-Pukei

One of the primary subspecies you’ll combat is Coral Pukei-Pukei. Its weak to Ice, adopted by Thunder and its weak factors are the top and tail. The largest distinction from its common model is the Water assaults, which can lead to Waterblight. Coral Pukei-Pukei is able to firing water projectiles from its mouth but in addition fires a stream of water from its tail that sprays in every single place.

Water-resistant armor is really helpful however preserve some Nulberries helpful in any other case. Use Flash Pods to carry Coral Pukei-Pukei down and preserve to its aspect to keep away from projectiles from its mouth. Otherwise, the identical philosophy as the traditional Pukei-Pukei applies: Cut off its tail and go for its head.

Nightshade Paolumu

The second subspecies you’ll encounter, Nightshade Paolumu may be pretty annoying to combat. That’s as a result of it inflicts Sleep with clouds of fuel that may knock you out. Its assaults and patterns in any other case resemble the traditional Paolumu – utilizing the Clutch Claw’s grapple to assault it within the air shall be essential. Go for its head, ears and chest as weak factors. Water is its largest elemental weak point adopted by Fire, Thunder and Ice. Flash Pods and Traps to knock it down and preserve it immobilized are additionally really helpful.

Viper Tobi-Kadachi

Another subspecies, this time of Tobi-Kadachi. Despite having the identical weak factors – head and legs – and the identical elemental weaknesses – Thunder is the perfect, adopted by Ice, Fire and Dragon – Viper Tobi-Kadachi doesn’t fiddle. It can inflict Poison, Paralysis and for the primary time within the recreation, Deadly Poison which can chunk your well being down in a rush. Keep Antidotes and Herbal Medicine helpful, particularly the latter since it’ll heal Poison and recuperate well being immediately.

On prime of capturing spikes from its tail, Viper Tobi-Kadachi additionally has a behavior of gliding and following this up with a rising, spinning assault. It’s not too arduous to keep away from however preserve a long way when it begins gliding. Use Shock Traps to cease its motion and then go to city on its weak factors.


A brutal monster to face, Tigrex is insanely aggressive with excessive mobility. Interestingly, the Blights it will probably have an effect on will change relying on the terrain. So on snowy terrain, it will probably inflict Iceblight. In watery areas, even when there’s only a small stream of water, it will probably set off Waterblight. It’s weak to Thunder first and Dragon factor second. Its head, tail and forelegs are the weak spots.

Tigrex has a variety of devastating assaults. It will barrel straight at you and then flip round to do the identical assault once more. It can slam the bottom and ship a number of boulders flying at you. It may turn into enraged. There’s additionally a spinning assault, which has a good inform, that may hit the participant from any course.

Use the Clutch Claw to ship Tigrex into close by environmental objects, thus knocking it down and opening it up for assaults. Given how a lot it barrels into its environment, this isn’t too troublesome. Shock Traps are additionally good for stopping its motion. Keep some Earplugs for its roars to keep away from getting caught in place earlier than it assaults. The roar can inflict some injury while you’re shut so watch out of that as properly.


Barioth is a Flying Wyvern that’s much more hard-hitting than Nargacuga. Its weak factors are the top, tail and legs and his elemental weaknesses embody Fire, adopted by Thunder. Of course, its principal factor is Ice and it will probably thus inflict Iceblight. Barioth is able to gliding and making giant bounding leaps to shut the gap. Not solely that however he can shoot ice projectiles that flip into cyclones. Don’t fear – the cyclones don’t have an excessive amount of period.

First of all, having Ice-resistant armor is essential to keep away from Iceblight. You may additionally need to use some Shock Traps to cease Barioth’s motion. Cutting off its tail ought to assist in coping with its enormous attain however don’t let your guard down. If you need to play it secure or study Barioth’s opening, the Gunlance comes extremely really helpful for this combat. Poke, hearth, guard and repeat.


The sword-tailed beast is again and higher than ever. Glavenus is weak to a variety of parts, the best being Water then Ice and Dragon. Its weak factors are the top, tail and stomach (watch out when attacking the tail – some spots will trigger your weapon to bounce off). Its principal factor is Fire however it will probably additionally inflict Bleeding.

Glavenus could seem to be an overbearingly aggressive monster however it’s truly fairly measured with its assaults. It’ll shoot hearth (typically a number of occasions in a row) from its mouth and chew you however may “sharpen” its tail to make it pink scorching. Watch for the animation when it catches its tail in its mouth – this may lead to a spinning assault with giant vary. Glavenus additionally has a behavior of slamming down its tail in a vertical movement. This may be simply averted however be careful for the follow-up double swipes and fiery explosions.

Be cautious not to get backed right into a nook when combating Glavenus since it will probably simply wallop you. Try to discover spots round its tail to keep away from huge injury. Traps for stopping its motion and weapons with excessive mobility are helpful. The Insect Glaive is particularly potent since it will probably deal heavy injury to Glavenus’s head and improve the potential of a stun or knockdown.

Shrieking Legiana

Don’t let this variant of Legiana idiot you. The Shrieking Legiana is pretty brutal in its personal proper and may be doubly annoying when an everyday Legiana exhibits up. The identical weaknesses apply although. Go for the top, tail and legs with Fire being the perfect factor, adopted by Thunder. Shrieking Legiana inflicts Iceblight, very similar to its common model.

Many of the assaults shall be acquainted because it swipes with its tail, careens headlong into you and executes a spinning assault whereas airborne, leaving icicles in its path. One notably devastating assault is its flying tail swipe which creates icicles in a wave. Another assault sees it stand up within the air earlier than coming down with a dive bomb that leaves icicles on affect.

Keep some Flash Pods helpful. While you possibly can’t spam them to preserve Shrieking Legiana grounded, they’ll nonetheless stun it in mid-air when used at common intervals. Ice-resistant armor is a given right here, in any other case you’ll be coping with tons of Iceblight. Ultimately, combating off the opposite Legiana would be the hardest half however as soon as it’s one-on-one, you ought to be superb. Use hard-hitting weapons just like the Hammer on its head to stun it or “safer” choices just like the Sword and Shield for protection and mobility.

Fulgur Anjanath

Have you ever needed to take care of the aggressiveness of Anjanath however combined with some Thunder? That’s what Fulgur Anjanath is for. It inflicts Thunderblight, is weak to Ice and then Water, and its head and tail are the weak factors. If you’ve fought common Anjanath, then a lot of the identical aggression (and ways) will apply right here.

Which is to say you ought to be cautious of its barreling assaults and enormous leaps since they’ll take off a great quantity of well being. Fulgur Anjanath additionally fires lightning projectiles and when enraged, all of its assaults turn into infused with Thunder that may inflict Thunderblight. When it slams down, an explosive impact is created so watch out. Try to steer clear of its head when its enraged, look to sever its tail and knock it off steadiness while you get the prospect.

Ebony Odogaron

Ebony Odogaron is sort of a nightmare model of the unique and it will probably inflict each Dragonblight and Bleeding. It weak factors are nonetheless the identical so go for the top, forelegs and tail. Best parts to use in opposition to it are Water, then Fire, Thunder and Ice.

On the one hand, Ebony Odogaron makes use of related assaults to the common model so you possibly can, say, counter them with Longsword. However, it’s new assaults are a doozy. It can leap within the air and hearth projectiles that inflict Dragonblight so preserve some Nulberries helpful. Dragonblight will also be inflicted when it bites or slams down with sure assaults. Also be careful for its spinning assault which might come out of nowhere and hit in a 360 diploma arc.

It’s most prone to Poison as an ailment so when you’ve got a weapon that inflicts Poison, carry it alongside. You may purpose to sever the tail however go for the top for optimum weak level injury.


The battle with Brachydios appears like one thing out of Punch-Out!! A Brute Wyvern species first encountered within the Elder’s Recess, Brachydios coats its mitts with slime. When it punches or headbutts the bottom, the slime is deposited and detonates after a while. If the participant is hit with the slime, they could endure from Blastscourge injury.

If you get caught within the slime, the easiest way to keep away from injury is by rolling round or utilizing Deodarant. However, when Brachydios is enraged, its fists and horn will glow yellow. All of its punches and horn assaults will explode straight on contact so watch out.

Since Brachydios strikes round so rapidly, contemplate investing in Evade Extender. This will improve your dodging distance, permitting for simpler repositioning. Weapons just like the Sword and Shield together with Dual Blades will even be useful since they permit for swift assaults. Make certain to have some Dash Juice helpful or else your Stamina shall be operating dry. Break its horn and fists and go to city.

Brachydios is weakest to Ice, adopted by Water, Thunder and Dragon.

Acidic Glavenus

A subspecies of Glavenus, the Acidic Glavenus is positioned primarily within the Rotten Vale. Fighting it in such enclosed areas may be powerful, particularly given its attain and the environmental hazards. Unlike the bottom model, Acidic Glavenus is weakest to Fire adopted by Dragon in its Normal state, Thunder, Water and Ice. When in its crystallized state, Dragon factor is the least efficient.

Acidic Glavenus possesses most of the identical strikes with just a few exceptions. When its tail is infused, it inflicts Defense Down, which lowers your total protection. Upon smashing the bottom, acidic spots are left which additionally inflict Defense Down. The monster can sharpen its tail to deal extra injury at the price of its debuff.

Once once more, use traps to halt its motion and keep away from getting backed right into a nook. The Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield and Longsword may be efficient for countering Acidic Glavenus’s strikes whereas staying cell. Navigate round its blind spots and keep away from the acid to take it down rapidly. You may equip the Iron Skin ability to negate the consequences of Defense Down and play extra aggressively.


You’ll first encounter this legendary Elder Dragon within the Elder’s Recess. After that, there’s a battle in Seliana with cannons and different tools. Both of those situations could trigger you to suppose the actual battle shall be straightforward. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Head to Hoarfrost Reach to combat Velkhana whose principal factor is, clearly, Ice. It’s weakest to Fire adopted by Thunder and Dragon. Pack loads of Ice resistance to keep away from Iceblight. Velkhana’s pace is maybe the most important impediment on this combat – it will probably rapidly transition from the bottom to the air. It can twirl rapidly, earlier than stabbing you with its tail. If that weren’t sufficient, it has Ice breath, can conjure ice chunks in mid-air that fall and injury you, and launch a wave of ice blocks. Particularly annoying is when it leaps a long way away and unleashes a blast of Ice breath.

When Velkhana twirls and flies upwards, that’s an indication that the ice block wave assault is coming. Facing the monster straight is an indication of upcoming tail stabs so dodge accordingly. Whenever it’s surprised, reap the benefits of the Clutch Claw and Slinger to steer it into partitions for large injury. The ice block wave may be dodged however you’ll want to search for particular gaps within the waves. Don’t panic, keep on the transfer and get your assaults in every time attainable. Sooner or later, Velkhana will fall.

Seething Bazelgeuse

After the combat with Velkhana, Seething Bazelgeuse shall be your subsequent goal. It’s encountered within the Elder’s Recess however don’t combat it straight off. Return to camp and then take up the search – this may make sure you aren’t losing time combating it in Expedition Mode the place it will probably run off.

Its principal weak point is Ice adopted by Thunder, Water and Dragon. Much like common Bazelgeuse, it’ll roar continuously to stun you, cost at you and deploy its scales to explode. However, when enraged, Seething Bazelgeuse can have a purple-ish glow. Its scales will explode with a bigger, purple-coloured radius so watch out.

Though it doesn’t spend as a lot time airborne, Seething Bazelgeuse does have a dive bomb assault. It will disperse purple scales throughout it and soar into the sky. Get as far-off from that time as attainable as a result of it’ll then dive down and create an enormous explosion (the purple scales will even detonate so preserve that in thoughts). Attack it if attainable since its enraged state shall be over. Traps, Blast resistance and weapons that carry Sleep illnesses are very helpful on this combat.


Another new Elder Dragon, Namielle is an attention-grabbing mixture of Thunder and Water. A variety of its assaults use Water however it will probably additionally inflict Thunderblight. Its positioned within the Coral Highlands and weakest to Fire, adopted by Dragon and Ice.

Namielle’s water assaults will inhibit your motion and even drag you nearer to the monster for those who’re not cautious. Its wings possess a powerful span, able to knocking you again from a good distance. The water left behind is much more dastardly when the monster makes use of its Thunder assaults. Watch for Namielle’s glowing – the longer it expenses, the larger the radius of its Thunder assault. It may cost up and launch a Thunder assault when it’s planning to flee so watch out.

Work your means round its Water breath assaults and expenses to inflict injury. As quickly as sparks of Thunder may be seen on its physique, watch out not to be in any puddles of water.


The Thunder Wolf is in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and packs a punch. Encountered first within the Guiding Lands, Zinogre is weak to Ice, adopted by Water. It can inflict Thunderblight and Paralysis so bringing the Thunderproof Mantle alongside is essential.

The key to this combat is attacking Zinogre whereas it’s uncharged since its motion is comparatively slower. It will slam its claws into the bottom, which may be averted by dodging within the course of its tail. Once Zinogre expenses up, Thunder will course via it because it howls, which might make you flinch. There are two principal assaults to be careful for in its charged state – the primary ends with it touchdown on its again, which leaves it susceptible.

The second sees it rolling within the air and firing orbs of Thunder out. Keep a long way – they’ll hearth in a spiral-like sample, making them straightforward to keep away from while you’re far sufficient away. Attack its head when it expenses since this may occasionally interrupt it briefly. Stay alert, assault when it lands on its again and carry sufficient Thunder and Paralysis resistance to emerge victorious.

Savage Deviljho

Remember Deviljho and the way it turned enraged, turning right into a nightmarish creature to battle? Savage Deviljho is mainly that, besides continuously enraged and encountered in all areas (it might even invade some hunts). Its breath assaults are far more frequent and indiscriminate, catching you with Dragonblight for those who’re not cautious. Savage Deviljho additionally inflicts Defense Down, which implies the ensuing hops, smashes and tail assaults will trigger much more injury for those who’re debuffed.

Its weak to Thunder and Dragon parts adopted by Fire and Water. Bring traps to halt its motion together with expertise like Iron Skin to negate Defense Down. If you will have expertise combating common Deviljho, then you realize a lot of what to count on. Attack its chest, watch out of its stomp assaults and strive not to spend an excessive amount of time close to its mouth. If you want to dip out and return to camp to get extra traps, use a Farcaster.

Blackveil Vaal Hazak

Everyone’s favorite zombie Elder Dragon has a brand new subspecies and it’s pretty brutal. Blackveil Vaal Hazak may be discovered within the Ancient Forest and subsequently within the Rotten Vale. Its weak to Fire adopted by Dragon, Ice and Thunder. Much like its predecessor, it causes Effluvial Buildup which might slice your most well being in half. Effluvia Resistance is a should.

The combat is kind of the identical. Blackveil Vaal Hazak will cost at you, wind its head again and spray effluvium in a straight blast and rise up on its hind legs to spew effluvium on the floor in a big radius. Its latest assault are the spores on its physique erupting and firing out in all instructions. They’re comparatively straightforward to keep away from however strive to not get cornered by the monster, lest it cost you mercilessly.

Yian Garuga

A Bird Wyvern with a killer beak, Yian Garuga is encountered within the Guiding Lands. Its principal factor is Fire however together with Fireblight, it will probably inflict Poison injury. Its weak to Water adopted by Dragon and Ice whereas being resistant to Thunder.

Yian Garuga may be very aggressive, to the purpose that it will probably destroy pitfall traps. Though it has a variety of breakable elements, go for the tail and head with weapons just like the Longsword, Sword and Shield and Dual Blades. Try to keep away from its assaults till it will get drained and then lay into it. Blast injury is surprisingly efficient adopted by Paralysis so carry a few of these weapons for those who don’t have an awesome Water weapon.

Shara Ishvalda

The last boss of the story, Shara Ishvalda is the Old Everwyrm. It’s discovered on Origin Isle and after being defeated, will seem randomly like Xeno’jiiva at some point of two quests. Shara Ishvalda is weak to Ice adopted by Water, Dragon and Fire. Blast ailment can also be efficient in opposition to it.

The first section includes combating its giant rocky kind. It’s not too quick however it will probably unleash a variety of tremors and cost with its wingtips for large injury. Attack the top and chest continuously whereas additionally utilizing the Clutch Claw to knock it into obstacles. The Longsword is helpful right here however the Greatsword is really helpful for the sheer injury and stun potential. Once its rock kind has dissipated, you possibly can transfer onto the following section.

The subsequent section sees Shara Ishvalda displaying its ugly mug. Its wings are like full-fledged claws that it will probably use to assault. It fires lasers when its wing-claws are joined collectively and can generate an unlimited, Spirit Bomb-like projectile to hearth at you from the air. Be cautious when it digs into the bottom with its wing-claws since it’ll begin producing tremors. Shara Ishvalda can also be able to sinking into the sands and relocating, so go searching while you see this occurring.

Keep away from its entrance, attacking its chest and entrance limbs every time attainable. The wings are additionally breakable however deal with the top when Shara Ishvalda is knocked down. A be aware on the sand within the enviornment – after a degree, it turns into attainable to fall into it and re-emerge, taking huge injury. These sand-traps are straightforward to spot so train warning.