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I MADE A TRYNDAMERE QUIT TOP LANE! POPPY – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


Welcome back to Climb to Master, we return playing Poppy! We’re against a Tryndamere and he doesn’t have a great time. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Poppy Top Gameplay.

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I MADE A TRYNDAMERE QUIT TOP LANE! POPPY – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. This is depressing to watch because I know it only gets marginally better when you climb to Diamond.

  2. as a poppy main, it's not a free win because

    didn't build health / mr second item after going ibg first, on a champion that struggles against ap

    chased kills on a laner you had already made worthless gold-wise

    didn't peel while playing tank that typically transitions to that job around mid game, especially when your team is struggling

  3. Tough call. I definitely think he played bad. In my opinion I would not report him, because he didn’t give up at any point and just start running it down and dying over and over. He definitely made some really questionable plays but I think it was a reflection of his skill with trynd not because he was inting.

  4. him dying a lot in lane? that was getting outskilled / having a bad game
    him feeding other lanes? yep, i'd say thats reportable

  5. Tbh unless the Poppy runs it down, this matchup is just the worst for Tryndamere- it's worse than Malphite if you ask me. She can kee you perma cc'ed during ult it feels like and if she rushes Tabis/Wardens you do nothing vs her.

  6. It seems like that trynd was raging all throughout the game and I’m pretty sure it started after the first death, so for the rest of the game he didn’t care what he did until he was at the point which then he’d try and save himself lol

  7. About the Trynd , if the lane is over and only the team mates agreed to a swap and he could maybe hold the other lane in the swap or maybe he's actually trying to gank other lanes to effect the map and then GO BACK TOP LANE to catch the wave after the tower fall then it's OK !
    BUT , if he forces his way into a lane like a jerk (oH i cAn'T pLaY mY lNaE) and he just goes to take all the farm in bot while the Adc is their and also not only fed a poppy which maybe can't carry alone if the rest if the team doesn't do good vs the Trynd team .. but he ran it down in other lane and created chaos and fed there too
    SO it's 100% INTING and report worthy !!

  8. I would consider what tryndamere did as inting, I think the correct play if he wanted to go bot was to ask for a lane swap with his botlane, and if they agreed, he could go bot
    IGN: Blobzilla

  9. #questionoftheday i think in the mind of the average player of lol it's borderline bannable, he actually int but in a way that made him look as a bad player more than an inter. For me i don't actually know… Maybe if i played with him I would have rep him more for the frustration than other things 🤔🤔🤔

  10. Qotd: I think leaving toplane when you're screwed is fine but yeah he kinda ran it down lol

  11. This was a fun video, loved seeing how well you performed with Poppy during those early trades. It's indicative of how messed up some champions designs are that Tryn can be 0/10, but still a huge asset to his team. Whereas if you were 0/10 Poppy you'd be absolutely useless besides the occasional ult.

  12. Only huzz videos kinda glithes… like goes normal, then for 2 sec goes slow mo..

  13. It's inting. No doubt. But if you wanted to give him some slack for not playing top a lot or knowing Trynd or the Poppy match up then it was borderline. Just my opinion. Anyhow, love the content. You were really funny and playful in this one. <3 Algor Rythm

  14. You cant blame the diana for split when you followed a tryndamere until the middle of tier 2 and 3 and diving an ashe when the enemy team wasnt on the map

  15. being a player that is more than likely iron, bronze at best, i can't get enough of watching tryndameres int their face off

  16. I mean if she seems slow then it’s better in my eyes because it catches people off guard

  17. i aint gonna lie sometimes i look at some of your games and it looks just like my bronze – silver games lol.

  18. it shouldnt make you rage that making trynd go 0-10 makes it a free win, should make you rage that he can go 0-10 and STILL be their win condition

  19. Yes, trynd is inting. Annie went top because trynd abandoned his lane. It would be a lane swap if trynd went mid and lanes properly. Also, bring back Fiora plis 😀

  20. Bard legit carried this game so hard with his magical journey powers. Poor Bard had to deal with a bad adc.

  21. HuzzyGames has officially gone to the “scream for attention” YouTuber. I understand excitement but for god sake, the ear piercing screeches in every video have gotten old.

  22. there is a difference between lane swap and what this trynd was doing so yes I consider this inting

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