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I HAD TO PLAY ZIGGS BOT! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in some Ziggs! We’re taking part in him bot lane as we weirdly had a Vayne locked in prime and a Lucian locked in mid so I wanted to try to stability the comp a bit. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ziggs Bot Gameplay.

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I HAD TO PLAY ZIGGS BOT! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. I love mages botlane epsecialy when i play an assasin like rengar so they dont pick armor.also kayn needs a nerf i went to a game with him, blue form wrong runes and still could one shot their backline

  2. Huzz… you could develop a mobile set up that let's you follow F1. And never miss a beat. Yes. Your ping would not be as good. But it would not be bad. Do it! Huzzy Extra channel would be amazing from your travels and updates. Do it!!!

  3. Me: 4 min in seeing the Lux stand still and also take farm- “God I wonder how long this game is, doesn’t look promising”
    Video: 45 min
    Me; ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Hey Huzz! Long time viewer here, and still regularly watching your content even though I stopped playing League. I thought I'd just leave you an appreciative comment for old time's sake. Much love from Puerto Rico <3

  5. Can't get wins. Well you had an ADC in Top and Mid. Kinda hard to do when you have players like that. Hopefully you reported those two.

  6. light weight cheese could not split push when you got the first inhib. So you ended up not being able to make them stretch out top and bot and trade. WP Huzzy though.

  7. Quick question regarding ziggs itemization. Why lich bane second? Doesn’t ziggs already get something of a lich bane effect with his passive, which is has its CD reduced with ziggs using spells? Wouldn’t spellbinder (big boom with ult) or banshees (block eve charm, lb chain, and decent MR) or liandries (constant burn damage via poke and helps whittle down voli) be way better here as a second item (then going into dcap ofc)? Would appreciate the clarification if needed, I don’t play ziggs so I’m not super familiar with his build. Thanks!

  8. 0:17 same here huzzy. dont know whats been going on lately but, im having mostly really good performances on my end, a lot of the time getting fed, but not winning a lot of games, do to trolls/inters/leavers/afkers, being in nearly all my games at the moment, kinda sad, but i am happy with how i have been playing, so i suppose thats what matters in the end, right huzzy? keep making the awesome content. you are one my fav peeps, and i have improved so crazy much through your constant content over these past 2 years of me being a veiwer of your youtube channel. (first half of s9, i had a 40% win rate, with a lot of games played, but then by the end of the first half, through watching your content, i improved and that win rate started climbing, eventually stopping at 52% at season end, and this season my overall win rate is 55%, but my win rate for my main role is 60%, with over a 100 games in this season,) so thx so much for turning this "trolling" pleb into a "smurfin" pleb instead, and if i ever quit this game, ill still be a veiwer of your league content, cause your just that awesome 🙂

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