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I GOT A GOOD YUUMI AS LUCIAN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying some Lucian and we bought a Yuumi with us BUT she’s really fairly good! This recreation turns into a bit of a multitude but it surely brings up a vital dialogue that I need you guys to get entangled in! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lucian ADC Gameplay.

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I GOT A GOOD YUUMI AS LUCIAN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. QOTD: I have chat off all the time, because i’ve played this game long enough to know everyone is a shitstain and will only leave me fuming.

    Edit: To the point of making your viewers quit league; I play maybe 10 games a month, and still watch. League is very bad for me. I am a person who, when I was younger, had severe anger issues and an explosive temper beyond all reason. Now a days, I am mostly a mellow person. Except when I play League.

    I don’t know what it is, but this game just reverts me back. I have broken a desk in half by slamming my fist into it, resulting in me having to spring for a sturdier one which eventually just ended up with holes in it. I have broken open the skin on my knuckles from punching walls, I have thrown my chair into the wall, destroyed my bed by leaping into and slamming it, caused myself a concussion by punching my temple…

    And yet, despite all of that, I still watch you. Not playing League does not equal not watching Huzzy.

  2. QOTD: I mute motherfuckers as soon as they start acting like motherfuckers, not before. Flame me for having a bad game? Flame another teammate for having a bad game? I don't want to hear it. Other than that, I'll leave chat on.

  3. QOTD: League of Legeds is a team based videogame where the worst mistake you can make is try to comunicate with your teammates.

  4. QOTD: I always keep chat on when I play league but I never play ranked. Seems like the chat is much more chill in normal games.

  5. I wouldn't say that's (Naut possibly flaming Eve instead of helping Ez, or Eve getting flamed and deciding to int) is enough of a reason to turn off the chat. If anything, it highlights that you're insecure and need to learn to suck it up and do what you're supposed to do despite people not liking you, be it Eve not being driven to int, and Naut not flaming if that's what happened. It almost never comes to this in the end, but this is exactly how chat can be beneficial in matches that have this kind of communication, learning something about yourself is still a positive people can get but often choose not to.

  6. QOTD: I don't play league regularly anymore and I used to have it off but I log on for a couple ofnormals here and there because I find it quite funny when people start blaming each other or me for any mistake that happened. If I happen to play ranked though I turn it off and focus on my performance

  7. QOTD: I am jungler. I keep chat on for the first couple of minutes, to let my teammates know about enemy duos. Also, to let invading teammates to back off as I hate level 1 cheese invades. After my first clear, I turn it off, and go into ping mode. I try to let my team know I do this., So they don't continue to chat at me.

  8. QOTD: if I'm having a bad game or a slow start I'll hit em with a mute all as to keep the tilt away, other than that I leave it on.

  9. I try to start every game saying in all chat "gl hf" which is good luck have fun. I feel like 90% my team and the enemy are more relax and realize that it's a video game and you should have fun. If someone is having a bad game, I say "it's ok, we all have bad games and bad days" and most of the time it works. But as soon as someone is toxic then I mute the person.

  10. I leave chat on, but I dont play ranked at all and if I do its flex with friends. I do mute freely though when people are even slightly toxic or type and dont seem to understand whats going in.

  11. QOTD: I honestly dont care what people think in chat. If it's bad things, i can ignore it, and if it's good things, i get to have a nice experience. I've made many friends this way.

  12. QOTD: I change it up now and again to be honest sometimes i love having it on even if it is distracting sometimes, with that is being said, which is why i turn it off and or mute people, but ive met some cool people through league so i turn it back on from time to time to try and meet some new friends 😀

  13. I quit League in season 8 (the last ranked game I played was in season 7) because the toxicity made me depressed. I never raged or inted, the community was just making me miserable. I'm planning to come back in season 11 with chat permanently off in all game modes because I always liked the game itself.

  14. QOTD: I usually have it on because I love talking and meeting people, and as adc main I like to try and bond with my supp (give compliments on plays, np on misplays, etc)
    Also, keeping chat off is your own decision but I don't think it's always a great idea. Unless you get really upset when someone is toxic and need to protect yourself, I think keeping your chat on and being actively positive is really good for the game. Why should only toxic people keep chat on?
    One of the friends I've made was my support that was getting flamed for making many mistakes and she was very upset but I was positive to her the whole game and she added me to thank me and we've been friends ever since. Or in one game we stomped bot lane but our mid laner was very tilted and ragequit for a few minutes but I kept saying positive things in chat and my support appreciated compliments and focused on protecting me and even our jungler said "even tho im tilted i want to win for this adc" and we ended up winning. So I do think keeping chat on is worth it so we can try to be positive and help the community a little
    I also like to compliment enemy players, I think it's good to acknowledge getting outplayed so I can focus on improving

  15. Qtod: i always have it on, i find being able to not tilt, manage your team's tilt etc. To be also a part of the game

  16. I get affected by chat quite badly, and tilt quite easily. I have taken a good look at myself and come to the realisation I don't have fun playing league anymore and I broke free from my addiction after watching this video. I deleted league and don't plan on ever touching it again. Thanks Huzz.

  17. I mute instantly when they something offensive or just annoying. But i also like the synergy you sometimes get between some players. That 1% connection is more valuable for me then the 50% negativity that i mute instantly

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