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Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Revali The Rito Warrior Walkthrough


This information is a walkthrough of Revali, The Rito Warrior, which is the third stage of Chapter 2 in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. The walkthrough incorporates all the main points about collectibles and foremost aims. For Korok seed places on this stage, see our Korok Locations information.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Revali The Rito Warrior

The Rito are attempting to cease you from getting into Rito village and therefore it’s a must to do one thing in opposition to them.

So, head ahead in the direction of and you will notice a bunch of Rito members able to die out of your arms.

As you progress ahead, the Rito captain will take out the bridge. So simply head into the outpost and clear it out.

There can also be one other outpost close to the damaged bridge, however that one doesn’t have to be captured.

This is when the Rito captain will begin capturing glowing arrows at you, which it is best to absolutely dodge.

The waypoint is already marked for you, so all you want is to seize it. Once captured, a gate will unlock, which you should use to get updrafted to the following space.

In this space, you’ll be surrounded by the Rito from each floor and above. You could battle them again or chances are you’ll run straight off in the direction of the Rito captain on the high.

Defeat the captain after which go down once more. There will probably be one other newly unlocked gate right here, nevertheless it connects to the place to begin, so that you don’t should undergo it but.

Just head previous the gate and go in the direction of the Bokoblin territory. You could go to the fort to gather the Korok there after which proceed in the direction of the waypoint.

There will probably be crates right here wherein you’ll find some chests and different objects. Collect what you discover after which take over the Rito outpost when you attain there.

Once you might have captured the Rito outpost, Rito will begin a bombardment of arrows from above.

You could have two new waypoints now. So, head in the direction of the south one and assign your different character to go up north.

Now simply go straight in the direction of the earlier space and use the updraft to search out the 2 Rito captains.

Once you see them, additionally, you will see an explosive barrel on their proper facet. Just shoot the barrel to complete the Rito captains.

There is a chest within the snow to the proper. Use magnesis to tug it out after which change to your different character.

The second character will probably be close to the following waypoint by now. You will see {that a} large boulder is obstructing the updraft right here. Use your distant bombs right here to clear it out after which glide in the direction of the Rito captain right here.

Defeat the captain and open the close by chest earlier than you proceed in the direction of the following waypoint. There will probably be two extra Rito captains right here. Defeat them and trip up the updraft.

In this space, there will probably be an Ice Moblin. Defeat the Moblin after which blow off the boulder blocking to make use of the following updraft.

Two extra Rito captains right here. You will discover a Rito fort underneath the arch right here.

Get there to face the ultimate boss – Revali. Revali is a fast and deadly opponent. Most of his assaults are aerial, which additionally embrace speedy arrows burst.

Once half of his well being is depleted, Revali will turn into much more harmful and hop greater whereas performing extra highly effective assaults.

So simply keep swift and quick and shortly you’ll have defeated him. This will conclude the mission.

On completion, you’ll be unlocking A Flower-Adorned Goddess, improve to the Flight Range, The Lodge at Hebra Trailhead, Brilliance for the Boutique and Best-Ever Batter.

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