Hyper Scape: New Battle Royale Game Confirmed by Ubisoft


Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of a new game called Hyper Scape, which is reportedly a battle royale title being developed in collaboration with Twitch. The game and its impending announcement were leaked on Twitter before Ubisoft confirmed its existence.

The confirmation comes from a teaser site launched by Ubisoft to promote an in-universe company called Prisma Dimensions. The site includes a message from Prisma Dimensions CEO “Dr. Ivy Tan” describing her company as a “hyper-network” and “the world’s leading multinational technology, media, and service company.” The message teases how Prisma Dimensions has built on Mathieu Eiffel’s “early work on direct neural stimulation.”

The site also seems to announce the game’s first mode, which is called “Crown Rush.” It definitely sounds like a version of the traditional battle royal experience. Check out the description:

“Get ready to drop into the neon-drenched streets of the world’s premiere virtual city, Neo Arcadia,” reads the game’s website. “You’ll want to hit the ground running, as you’ll need every advantage you can find to give yourself a leg up on the competition. Only the best contenders will make it to the final showdown. Will you claim victory, or fall to the perils of the Hyper Scape?”

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