How to Steal in Baldur’s Gate 3


You want to find out how to be the Master Thief/Rogue to get the belongings you want in the Forgotten Realms. This information will allow you to find out how to steal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Stealing is mistaken and frowned upon. This sentiment is carried by the NPCs of Baldur’s Gate 3, and this makes stealing dangerous as it is going to antagonize NPCs round you.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Stealing

Any type of thievery is a prohibited act in Baldur’s Gate 3, and that is clear by the truth that it seems RED while you work together with any merchandise in the sport.

Doing such a activity will draw out a detrimental response from the encircling NPCs.


Stealing one thing could be very easy, take it when nobody’s wanting.

The very first thing you want to ensure that is that you’re not in the sector of view of any of the NPC round you.

This means it’s not a good suggestion to teal one thing in crowded locations, because the probabilities of somebody catching you red-handed are very excessive in this situation.

Another technique to make use of is to cover behind an object, like a desk or rock, when stealing one thing, to keep out of sight.

You can enter stealth mode by urgent “C” and crouching behind any floor to conceal your self. This could be very useful to take issues with out being noticed.

In case you might be utilizing a sophisticated character, principally for a spell caster, you need to use invisibility spells to sneak and steal.

This is the most effective methodology to steal from closely guarded areas and chests with out inflicting a lot ruckus.


In case you propose to steal from chests, you want to know the way to decide locks to open them. Also, you want this ability to unlock doorways all through the sport.

Now you’ll be able to both search for a key that matches the lock or use the Thief’s Tools merchandise to break into the lock.

Since you’ll most likely be sneaking round, we’ll take a look at the Thief’s Tool use.

The greatest manner to be higher at choosing locks is to make investments in the Sleight of Hand ability. The character with the upper ability has a greater probability of choosing the lock efficiently.

When you efficiently decide a lock, the Thief’s Tools might be protected and may be reused time and again till you fail to decide a lock, after which the merchandise will disappear out of your stock.

A fast tip, save earlier than choosing a tough lock, so in case you lose your Thief’s Tool, you’ll be able to simply reload the Save File and retry.


Pickpocketing is the second commonest doable manner of stealing in the sport. To pickpocket, you want to get behind the NPC you want to steal from.

The identical necessities as these of stealing apply; Do not be in some other NPC’s sight view and transfer in stealth mode whereas doing so.

Once behind the NPC and when choosing the pocket, it’s actually a big gamble.

Each NPC has a set level worth, and also you want to roll a cube with a price larger or equal to that worth to steal. And with that, you solely steal a single merchandise at a time.

This makes the duty of choosing pockets an enormous danger relying on luck and a protracted activity.

The greatest manner to enhance your odds of a profitable decide is to once more make investments in the Sleight of Hand ability.

This funding is extremely beneficial in your thief, as if you happen to get caught, the sufferer will assault you.

If there are different unaware NPC round, they are going to all turn out to be hostile and assault you, so it’s higher to be expert sufficient earlier than making pickpocketing a typical factor for you.

Hope this information helps you turn out to be a Master Thief. Happy Stealing.

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