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HOW TO RECOVER THE GAME ON SHEN! – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends


Today we’re playing Shen Top! We’re against an Ornn who is quite an annoying pick to deal with. The early game is a bit rough but we try to recover the game for ourselves. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay. Vicksy:

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HOW TO RECOVER THE GAME ON SHEN! – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. Huzzy:"I got saved…by another goat!!"
    Vicksy:"Hit the fucking Nexus!!!!"
    I fell of my bed laughing ffs😂😂😂

  2. Hi Huzz
    I would like to suggest for you to start adding runes page at the video begining, I think this will be usefull for us

  3. Huzzy you says riott you're bring up power levels of weaker champs then complains when mini champs are strong doesn't make sense.dot.

  4. I mean tell me one tank that doesnt do questionable ammount of damage plus u shouldnt have gone such a squishy build against a tank like him

  5. holly molly ! that last stretch… soraka's healing… that was ridiculous. shen got brought down to almost no health, walked into the backline for a little bit then re-engaged with more than 3/4 of his health, as a tank, thanks to those heals

  6. Wait.. i cant join you for free?? Am i mistaken here.. i thought i can join u for free if my youtube become premium?? I bought that because i wanna support u.. if i know it doesnt work.. i would rather pay directly for u rather than buy premium youtube.. sorry huzz.. i didmt know.. sorry..

  7. I played against a team with a yummi recently. I'm brand mid, got fed early, had liandrys, ludens, and morello. Team fights start happening, they're yummi attaches to their Mundo and there's literally nothing I and my team can do he just face tanks everything from us for way too long. I was 4/0 before the team fights started and Mundo/yummi just started running into our entire team.

  8. I live in Indiana in middle USA. It's nice to see that other countries are facing the same pandemic and overcoming it. I enjoy seeing your foreign opinions on thigs.

  9. You have to watch Brooklyn 9-9. I binged the whole series recently. It's hilarious

  10. You call Ornn a goat, but he's actually a bear, and his ult summons a ram… ok

  11. but if yuumi is banned in every game, then we wont get "you buy one, you get one free"

  12. I swear they will buff everything to kassadin’s, vlad’s, sylas’, etc powerlevel, since they haven’t been nerfed yet and the balance changes are damage buff after damage buff…

  13. Really love all your content dude. Especially the Shen stuff. But 12:28 you walked up into a full cannon minion wave and fought Ornn while tanking all the minions, even walking towards him. Not really a one shot, just shouldn’t have fought there.

  14. I'm in America and can never catch your streams but the videos you upload on youtube have seriously helped me during this quarantine and have also just helped me learn more about the game as a whole since I've started watching you. Thank you for all that you do 🙂

  15. Huzzy, since you are going ignite on Shen and I think I heard you say before that this is a more split pushing style, do you think conqueror or pta would be good? Because it gives more dueling power.

  16. I have a lot of fun playing sylas, plz don’t tell riot he’s op huzzy. I’d love to see you play him some time.

  17. when u are playing shen and not leashing for your jungler, go to the just past the end of the alcove on their side in the middle of the lane and place your q before the minions get there and wait in the middle bush. When you take your first trade with q your blade will pass through the enemy giving you a better initial trade in the lane.

  18. Shen has the words hen in his name. What if Shen is actually a ninja hen?

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