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How to overcome SMURFS, Can Older players Climb? & More! | League of Legends


Hey guys! Bringing you one other Q&A, hopefully you discover some of my solutions attention-grabbing, be at liberty to talk about them within the feedback and ask extra questions if you would like! Like, Comment & Subscribe!

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How to overcome SMURFS, Can Older players Climb? & More! | League of Legends

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  1. I really love that you are so interactive with your community Huzzy and I really appreciate your Q+A episodes. Also I would be very happy if you did the role breakdown episodes especially with suggestions as to which champs to pick up for different ratings/skill levels. I myself am a noob to LoL xD

  2. Huzzy, I thought this was a video on how to keep a lane even or avoid getting stomped by a smurf. If you could make a video more clearly titled and tailored for that it would be great.

  3. I wouldnt call it happy but ive got my art gcse exams tomorrow and the day after then in a few weeks all the other exams so i guess its good that theyll be over soon. Then i can focus on playing ranked for the first time as in theory i have a 12 week holiday

  4. Though I agree with your point that it is best to do it for fun and see where it goes, YouTube channels can also developed by well-timed strategic content. For example, Trainer Tips prepared his Pokemon Go channel and planned for it to release right when Pokemon Go started. This allowed him to create a successful channel in a short period of time. So, depending on the circumstance and planning, can lead to a quicker return on a YouTube channel.

  5. My girlfriend lives 600km away from me and she is coming to my place next week, so… yeah I'm very excited and happy to see her after 3 months being away from eachother. Thanks for your constant uploads Huzz, I really enjoy every video you make. Greatings from Argentina!

  6. Hey huzzy, having been a fan for the past 2 years, just wanted to let you know I’d fully support you becoming a pilot. League of legends won’t last forever and youtube isn’t a guaranteed income stream/career unfortunately. That said, when the day comes where you have to move on, you better do a monthly huzzy’s adventures vlog… or at least tell us what flight to get on to visit captain huzzy.

  7. Hey Huzzy,
    i am definitly in a good mood today.
    Its for several reasons

    1. i just win 7 out of 8 games in rocket league and got promoted (while listening to this episode :D)
    2. i was home over eastern and had my family around, i had a good time and filled my energie reserves for pushing a little harder in my semester now.

    Have good day. Enjoy the sun.

  8. Mood is great right now. I think a role breakdown would be nice, it would open your own maniac thought process behind some of your picks. Which I am all for because I often like to do the same thing.

  9. Hey Huzzy, thanks for continuing to produce great content. It's nice when someone from the UK has something positive to say about the US, we don't hear much of that these days. Hope you are doing well, i think traveling alone would be interesting. If you decide to do it, let me know how it goes

  10. so i'm currently seeking a job as a cabin crew member (flight attendant) which would be awesome any advice would be great .. happy that i made it to the end

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