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How to make Pantheon useless as GALIO | League of Legends


We’re again on the Main account! Today taking part in Galio Top, let me know you are excited for foremost account content material to resume by throwing a like on the video! Skip Champ Select:

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  1. I don't know if I agree with the statement that Xerath is a replacement for AP Kog. Just doesn't seem right to me to replace a hyper carry with such a skill shot reliant champ like xerath.

  2. Love your content and playstyle, but you were a bit to grumpy for me in the chat today, in my World you should just have ignored the kog if that annoyed you instead of texting. Just my thought. But Thanks for another great video

  3. You could play Yorick in offmetatodiamond. People always underestimate his damage and he can easily turn a gank into a double kill

  4. I can tell Huzz is getting really angry from inside seeing these dumb players but he is showing that he is just cool when he is kinda annoyed and angry. It's ok Huzz, we've all been there so don't worry about it, it's cool…

  5. They really need to re work point and click champs, feels bad as an ezreal, velkoz player to try to land your skillshots when there's champs like pantheon who have point and click long range poke, it feels unfair to play against them, pantheon gets descent opportunities to dodge your skillshots whereas he just has to point and click you and there's nothing you can do to dodge, as soon as he gets in range the ability will land. also point and click stun. same with annie, feels bad to be told at champ select to switch from leona to annie because of point and click stun and instant AOE stun.

  6. Huzz, if a game like that happens, you should totally do a replay analysis of the game! It'd be so cool to see it and have your analysis and what you were thinking during 🙂

  7. Excellent game as usual. I'm thinking your warmup games are really paying off. For the last 2 days your commentary was excellent and the games were good too. AWESOME game sense to ward behind yourself when that Kat came to roam on you in top lane.

    P.S. I wore a huzzy cannon shirt yeterday. Feelshuzzyman

  8. Panth is op in lower elos, why does that put him in an automatic "bad state?" because he isn't viable in higher elos it makes his champ design flawed?

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