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How to IMPROVE in League of Legends


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Gangplank video game got on my primary account “Huzzy” with Diamond 2/3 MMR, completed 10/2/8 KDA.

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  1. Huzzy you're a great coach I can see by the philosophy you believe in I noticed that league is like body building it has a lot of gurus and people who thinks they know what they doing especially trainers who can't provide great form and explain the science behind it I would love u to coach me I'm currently bad at the game this past month I've been researching on to get better and amazed how the system of climbing by acquiring skills differentiates each one's elo

  2. I suck at league, reason being they nerf the champions that actually take skill and the easy af champions get buffed and destroy everything, at this point i just want to leave lol and go to overwatch.

  3. Wanna hear my problems? I start the match super happy then if early game is bad, I tilt really hard and become suicidal and banzai charge and feed. Today was shit… i was disowned by friends, I couldn't even hecarim.

  4. There's been thousands of great coaches that never went pro in all sports. Understanding strategy versus having the physical ability to follow through are totally separate things.

  5. blaming ur teamates is a legit reason sometimes i have had multiple games with people inting going afk even killing me by attacking the red seed behind dragon pit to put me in there

  6. but huzzy im stuck in low bronze and i go highly posative every game?? i know i might get hate for this but i honestly dont know whats going on??? i play alot of jungle and some mid… i know im not good at farming thats why i play jungle.. please help me. anyone???

  7. Ok i know but i ligit have the most shit luck in the world i check my graphs and shit after the game i 90% of the time am one of the top 2 players in my team so i can kind of blame team mates

  8. could anyone reccomend some coaching websites for me . I could use a coach . also make sure u dont need a monthly fee or some money for the coaching. ty for any answers

  9. Good advice. Now, I don't agree with the statement that if you want to go up in rating you have to be better than everybody around you. That wont happen until either you are a top Pro and there's almost nobody equal or better than you in the world or if you play smurf accounts where you get paired to play with people below your ELO. You have to play better than YOU played a year or month ago – day by day your performance goes up and down naturally.

    Most people don't understand how ELO (or MMR) works and how the system matches people and teams. The better one gets, the stronger the competition on the next game. The system works so that you play with people that play at your level and consequently you can't ever play better than everybody around you (if you're playing your main account with accurate ELO). The system is geared to everybody winning approximately 50% of their games and as you improve or slack off your ELO changes and your opponents change too. So, we need to pay attention to how we play today compared to prior months or years.

  10. Its hard to play LOL. I started a few days ago,finished tutorial and just messin around with bots till im lvl 10.PVP unlocked,I was excited.Placed myself in queue,then after a couple of seconds of waiting and i picked up a champion to play as…the match started.However my team is a d*ck.Telling me to quit the game and that im a noob.One of them told me to go kill myself and GTFO. Thats why i quit LOL.

  11. I m a new silver 3……. playing LOL for the last 4 months. And I feel like I m stuck at this level for the last two weeks. Your vdo really helped me by pointing out the fact to observe the time when I die in LOL.
    Thnx Man!! One more thing, that is could you pls give the link of the streamer u recomended named SCAR.

  12. Another channel I could recommend is trick2g(exclusively when he's spectating) often he focuses mainly of mistakes and what should of been done. But again he only does this when spectating games.

  13. I know that I'm 6 months late on the discussion here, but this is what I've found that works for me (bronze 2- gold 5 last season)

    For jungle I practiced leash-less clears on my main junglers, and got to the point that I had multiple paths I could run alone and so if my path got interrupted an invade i have a decent fallback.

    For ADC, I did Botlane "simulations". I had a friend who wanted to play more support, so he and I went into a custom game with 2 more friends and played a 2v2 botlane. Actually you can do that with any lane now that I think about it, or when you want to learn to last hit better on a new champ you are picking up? I'll have to try that.

    But yeah, I know this is late but I figured better late then never

  14. i started lol mid season this year season 6 i played ranked just to see where i get placed i was placed in silver 4 ? any help from the comment section to hep me improve ??? <3

  15. hey huzzy, im a recent follower and am so glad i found you channel, its really helpful! could you tell me what champs in top lane i should give a go that have been consistantly good throughout the years of league please?

  16. You could end the video right where you say "take note of your mistakes". If you want to learn any skill, you need to identify your problems, and actively fix them, that's all the secret is.

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